Special dinos according the country


Hey there. It would be cool to see special dinos in special days for specific countries. It would be perfect to see some Mirischia asymmetrica or Elaphrosaurus in Brazil.


It would be cool to see specific dinosaurs in a certain way but imo its way better to distribute rarer dinosaurs via the new event vs making loads of species unaccessible because you limit them by country / area /… i can’t see any ‘common’ person go to a dozen of countries just for a dinosaur… Imo a huge mistake by PoGo. The way forward for any on the go game is accessibillity by making it local, not international. So far JWA is doing a very impressive work. :heart:

Which doesn’t take away an ‘international’ event won’t be fun ; but limited like pogo fest for example… Once a year.


I got it but you know. Just to make the game more real,with dinos in the proper region where you could really find a skull in teal world,i mean. Peace.