Special discounts this week - 10/25/21

Looks like the special discounts continue today with 20% and 40% VIP off hatchery speed ups.

Hopefully this keeps going all week, plan accordingly


@Bandeezee you come to mind here, sitting on that massive stack. If they drop a 40% discount on hybrids tomorrow I expect documentation of everything you purchase.


There is a 40 percent hatchery discount right now. I hatched all my second to make the murder chicken hybrid.


40% VIP ? I got 20% hatchery discount even though I’m VIP

I hope its not when I am in school



I saw 20% I believe

screen shot it
All my accounts say 40% VIP and so does Alpha06’s

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Cant wait for thursdays, not sure what to get yet but maybe at least 1 boa considering it’s the most costliest hybrid.

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Yeah I guess for VIP the hybrid discount would be the same as the normal creature discounts at 40%

Non VIP’s will get 30% off hybrids tomorrow so the play is a little different.

I don’t have the super snake unlocked, working on it currently but that is a reasonable use of DNA.

I don’t have a ton of DNA stocked up right now I just spent a decent chunk last week and this week. I am normally against selling any creatures at this point but I might have to make a tough decision tomorrow. Some of those carno s-hybrids might be on the chopping block…

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Look above prize drop @Subxero11

Seriously? That is the non VIP discount, wait for the banner to scroll the VIP exclusive discount before you screen shot

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And here is a picture took after I hatched two creatures @Subxero11

simple math

Screen Shot 2021-10-26 at 9.23.31 AM


Carnoraptor as well ?

40% off hatching… I must have hatched like 30 tournament Dino’s. I feel like I should have done more, but that was a lot of DB.


I will likely buy one of each tournament hybrid (I’ll buy 2 of the three I will put in the hatchery, maybe 4 in the hatchery since there should be a 30% hatchery discount Sunday I believe).

Today I speed hatched 12 indos, 1 of each tournament hybrid I purchased Monday, and I believe 11 Monostegatops, 10 Tapejalocephalus, and 2 or 3 Spinotasuchus.

I simply ran out of time to think of anything else. Here’s my SDNA after (had over 50K Raptor and a bunch of the others)


That’s a lot of bucks , DNA and SDNA well spent there :+1: :smiley:


Will there be a 40% off all dinos or hybrids?

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In how many hours is this discount ? Don’t wanna miss it ( unless I’m in bed lol )