Special discounts this week - 10/25/21

Just have to wait and see what they do.

They did 40% off all on Monday for VIP, so probably same on Thursday. non VIP got 20%

Hybrids today might be 40% VIP and hopefully 30% for non VIP.

Time will tell

Hybrid discount is 12pm EST in US not sure where people live so in about 2.5 hrs


Dang I’ll be sleeping by then nooooooooo

FYI discount on all creatures tomorrow is at same time



Guess I’ll wait for Sunday’s discount then

Not sure what part of the world you live in but I don’t think here in the US there are any Sunday discounts. On Monday morning there is a jurassic discount, we have already had that this week with the bonus discount so if that is what you are talking about I think you may have missed it already.

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I live in a GMT + 8 timezone, every Sunday 8pm for me there is a discount ( would be 8am for you )

Oh wait, I forgot you aren’t VIP, this discount is for VIP’s only I think

So yeah, if i am understanding correctly that would be my Monday morning 8am discount. I already had that with the additional special discount. It’s possible you already had that as well this past Sunday at 8pm so you would not get it again.

Can’t say for sure though but makes sense in my head.

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It is, the 15% discount at 8am

IDK at this point. My discount on Monday at 8am is only 10%. The only discount non VIP get that is higher than 10% is hybrid discount which is 15%

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Your’e VIP or non - VIP ?


10 discounts

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discount comparison
Comparison of Standard and VIP discounts on Sunday

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30% hybrid discount is on for the next 2 hours


I just got a segnosuchus and 7 unayrynchus

If you’re VIP save some DNA for tomorrow
There should be a 40% discount at this time tomorrow for VIP’s.


Oops. I just spent the 120k I had…

Yeah the hybrid discount is really only beneficial for non VIP’s because we get 30% as opposed to the usual 15% and we only ever get 10% on normal creatures with that being 20% this week due to the special additional discount.

VIPs get 40% off everything tomorrow… most likely


Yes, but if you’re trying to increase your lineup today’s was good because there’s a 30% hatching discount later today. Then I’ll buy more Thursday.


Yeah I added a few things today to get into the hatchery so I can pick up additional copies again tomorrow on discount.
And I’ll use the hatchery discount this evening to get the stuff from today hatched plus clear out some more of my backlog

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