Special Event: 3rd Week of July Showcase


Commons (16-Jul - 17Jul):Lythronax, Deinocherius (Total 24 attempts)
Recommendation: Deinocherius has a speed of 130 (just next to Velociraptor) and also Rampage (2x damage). This dinosaur might be a good option as one of the faster team members at lower levels.
I would not even mention Lythronax since it reminds me of a rat!! :persevere:

Rare (18-Jul - 20Jul) : Proceratosaurus, Utharaptor, Dracorex (Total 15 attempts)
Recommendation: Proceratosaurus is good by itself (No hybrid) and has Distracting Impact (1.5x damage + target damage reduced 50% for 2 turns) and Slowing Impact (1.5x damage and target’s damage reduced 50% for 2 turns).
Utharaptor is very fast *Speed:128) and has the raptor benefits of Pounce (2x damage with Target’s damage reduced 50% for 1 turn) and also the High-Counter Attack (1.5x damage and increase of critical change by 40%).
Would recommend Utharaptor since it is one of the component for Utasinoraptor.

Epic (21Jul ** Dates are tentative) :Sinoceratops (Total 3 attempts)**
Legendary (22Jul ** Dates are tentative) : Utasinoraptor (Total 1 attempt)**

Note: The event day starts around 10:15am EST US and continues till 9:15am EST past the ending day. There might be a gap of 1hr at the end where you won’t see the dinos before next set of dino spawns.
Also, though the in-app notification might say “Today is Deinocherius…”, you can catch either of the dinosaurs during the that group event duration. You need to look at the right park to find the one you are looking for. Smaller parks sometimes spawn just one of the types.

Multiple Dinos at park events
Week of July 16 Showcase


So we got:

Fuzzy Rex
Super Chicken
Hairball Raptor
The Myth Lives (Sinoceratops)
Allosino’s Fuzzy Cousin

Save for a few of these…wow, we can actually catch a break for a bit, lol! Can’t wait for Sinocera though; found one wild the other day and I plan on getting it!

What do you guys think? What will you aim for?


For me its the Sinoceratopts… also the fuzzy cousin as you named it and Dracorex…


Aw man, why’d mine get moved like that? Sorry, torque.


Haha, no problem. Guess I got it in just before you did!!


Here’s the stunning dinos lower than epic class list.
I made it by myself. (Dino pics taken from metahub)
For those who want to know the content of this special stunning epic showcase.


@Tarbosaurus Very tempting for the extra sinoceratops dna :fearful::fearful::fearful::joy::joy:


Question for y’all.

Based on the in-game picture, does it seem more likely that Dracorex and the Rares will be featured again on Sunday, not on Friday?

I know MetaHub and Ludia are in contact with each other all the time, and not trying to inspire panic or confusion here…but at least until recently I believed that even with the change in event structure, events still ran in a Monday-Sunday, top left to bottom right fashion. So we knew that Nodopatosaur, for example, was Sunday’s special because it was in the seventh slot (bottom right corner). It could be that Ludia scrapped that idea and is just clumping all the Rares in the right-hand corner of the image…but I’m not certain.

It certainly doesn’t make a difference for Wednesday and Thursday’s hunts, but it could make people quite upset if they go out of their way looking for Utahsinoraptor on Sunday and don’t find her at the local Event Supply Drops.


JWA roll out a guaranteed epic showcase every weekend.
(Last week for Nodopato, 2 weeks ago for Pyro)

So if you only want Sinoceratops, I’ll suggest keep waiting several days.


@Katja I was thinking the same thing… I would assume dracorex will be on sunday


@Tarbosaurus good point! Had forgotten about that, will deff wait until the weekend :slight_smile:


I would love to power lvl the Proceratosaurus 15 times, i really like its skillset and speed. But im afraid i will simply stick with the raptor, since its needed for a hybrid. Even with 15 attemts Proceratosaurus would still be far from the lvl i need him to be in the team.


If you check the Advertisement for the last two weeks, both the dinosaurs (Argentinosaurus and Irritiator) showcased on the Incubator were mid-week/non-final dinosaurs combined with rest of the rares.

The interesting question is if Ludia would follow the sequence shown in the Ad?
My personal feeling is they would not, and they put Dracorex at the end to visually group with the rares. Have updated the dates as tentative in the OP for now.


It seems that’s what MetaHub’s information is going off of, based on the visual grouping…but I agree with you. I’m interested to see if Ludia will follow the sequence or if it’s been thrown out altogether.