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Special Event Creatures



I thought this week sucked… Next week is pure garbage… Raja is only one worth darting… And as a LONG player, Monday and Tuesday are horrible…


I’m dubious about the date, it makes more sense on 1st. April.


why can’t we have hybrid legacy or armor creatures? :thinking:
Or even the Fallen Kingdom theme that metahub datamined :open_mouth:


This is rubbish not a single dino i want unless dioraja gets buffed counter dinos don’t offer a thing

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Oh man. This is so disappointing. Terribly disappointing.

Y u no give us cunning week Ludia?!


I would of loved a cunning week i could do with my monostego leveling up and stock piling on dilo incase i see a ourano


Only Megalosaurus and Rajasaurus interest me this week.


Seriously Ludia?! 30% of those are from this week! This better be wrong. What an absolutely garbage pairing of weekly events to start the year. You guys seriously think you’ll ever be voted best mobile game? You practically spit in the face of your players every chance you get.
Its okay to do a crummy week once in a while but to have two absolutely trash weeks back to back is infuriating. Come on! Show some appreciation to your fans!


So Megalo and Raja it is. Maybe I’ll finally be able to lvl up and actually use Megalosuchus.

Other dinos are just garbage.


Although it’s been out in spades, I still need Lythronax, so I dont mind the extra extra spawns. Megalo/Raja for sure. Maybe a Carno or two-since everyone thinks it’s due for a hybrid.


At least it is winter here and really cold so no need to go out next week :smiley:


I had my parka, snow shovel and ice cleats all ready to go for a good week :wink:

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Lol what is this garbage


It is the “Buy more scents” week. Duh! Clearly states that in the memo! Moneygrabbing a lot?!

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To be honest I‘m very happy to see Rajasaurus there. Haven‘t seen one in the wild for months, got less DNA from incubators and my Rajakylosaur waits to get more fuses.

I‘ll go for Lyrhronax, Carnotaurus (still hoping for hybrid) and Raja. All Raja.


My game plan for this week,

Mon+Tue = Nothing

Wen+Thur+Fri = Megalosaurus + Majundasuchus


I’m getting Rajakylosaurus next week :grin:


Another day for Woody woodpecker? Interesting :hatching_chick:


Respectfully… this weeks event dinos makes sense.

I’ve looked back at all of the posts and it was between counter attack or fast creatures for this week.

All others have been recycled once, and these are the only two left. Sit tight friends… this just means that next week is going to be a busy one :sunglasses:

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While this most likely the case it still feels like the choice was made based completely on economics and not so much on game experience. I know they need to make money but when they give events like this on top of the current spawn issues. I prettt much stop playing… i took most of this week off loading the game only when i was already going somewhere and even then i closed it a few times out of sheer boredom.