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Special Event Dinosaur Cycle Time


So for the special event dinosaurs, there is a table of respawn times if you decide to dart them, 15 minutes for common, etc. Would anybody be able to provide information regarding what the respawn times of the special event dinosaurs are if you don’t dart them? Like, if I see a T-Rex spawn at a special event point and leave it alone, how long to do I have to wait before it cycles to another dinosaur? Thanks!


It’s actually in the image:

Down at the bottom is the spawn cooldown

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Thank you, but I believe those refer to once you’ve shot darts at them and collected their DNA. I was wondering how long it would take for a dinosaur, when left alone, to become a different dinosaur.


I believe it’s opposite actually. If you dart one close to the end of the cooldown, it’s possible to see another in less than 2 hours (for uniques). The cooldown time is how often they “refresh”


Ah. In that case I’ll check in around six hours then and see if they shuffle. Thanks!