Special Event Information Incorrect for Mon-Wed


In the announcement for this week’s event on Facebook, the picture says Mon-Wed was for Allosaurus, Tarbosaurus, Dimetrodon Gen 2, Nundasuchus, and Ophiacodon. Then it says that Thursday-Friday is for Gorgosaurus, T-Rex Gen 2, and Irritators. When My son and I went hunting Wednesday night to get Nundasuchus from the parks, there were Gorgosaurus, T-Rex Gen 2, and Irritators out instead.

I’m just really sick of not being given correct information about these events. If I had known that Nundasuchus wouldn’t be available Wednesday night like they said it would be, then I would have gone out Tuesday to get them. I need it badly since the spawn rate of ALL creatures including commons has been reduced to practically nothing. (See my other post about that issue).

Anyway, not cool man.


I was dissapointed as well because my kids and I had to wait until Wednesday, too.
I love that new dinos spawn in my area now, but I miss some of the old ones and wish it were more balanced.


The creatures should rotate every few days, or at least once a week!


That would make me so happy!