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Special event jurassic isn't unlock, why?

Someone can explain me why I do have ceratosaurus unlock and my troodon isnt ?
I do have a troodon lvl20

Unlocks are based on completion of events, you can have multiples of a creature before it is unlocked in your market from receiving them via the trade harbor, the prize drop, card packs, or events that are non unlock events. Hatching a dinosaur does not make it unlocked in your market, you have to complete a specific unlock event for that creature to be unlocked in your market for further purchase with DNA.

Hope this helps.


I do understand, thanks… Do you know which kind of event can unlock them ? I don’t even know how to make the difference between an event where you unlock them and just get them.

An “unlock” event or pack will have a little lock that is open on it like what is in the screen shot below:

This signifies that if you complete this event you will unlock that creature.


Typically there is an unlock event on Mondays. This past week had an additional unlock on Thursday. Time will tell if this is the new normal. This past week had unlock opportunities for Baculites and Synthetoceras for players above level 40.

Certain battle stages unlock creatures after you complete them.

Every month there is a Clash of Titans event to unlock a tournament level creature. You must complete 28 PVE Events in order to unlock Clash of Titans. Then there are five more battles to unlock the creature. The current Clash of Titans unlocks Troodon.

Most weekends have a tournament that if you finish in Dominator League, you get the featured creature unlocked. This weekend’s tournament will unlock Gorgosaurus.


Ok, thanks to all those details :slight_smile: It’s fun to know people help each other in that game :slight_smile:

Sionsith and thanks for your discouts,discouts,discounts post I always use it XD


I’m wanting to get the pelicanimimus to level 40, but it’s saying “unlock via special event”, i’ve checked the wiki and it says that it unlocks after battle stage 24 but I didn’t get it. Is it a problem with my game or the wiki?


The wiki likely hasn’t been updated yet, not long ago there was a big game update that reshuffled creatures from their unlock positions. So some creatures previously unlocked from battle stages now must be unlocked through special weekly events. Nothing wrong with your game to be sure though.



Hey so ive completed the shake the earth event for the event creature the segnosaurus and im pretty sure it had an unlock button on it but once i hatched my segnosaurus and went to the market to buy another it was still locked. Can someone explain if this was a glitch pls cause i finished in dominator league and i have 1 segnosaurus from the segnosaurus pack so idk why i cant buy one in the market


Yes it’s a glitch. Send a ticket to support.

Might not be a glitch, what was your park level at the start of the tournament?


I think it was around below 30

If you got it from the tournament then it’s not a glitch. Segnosaurus can’t be unlocked in the Earth Shattering events so I assumed that you meant Clash of Titans. Only level 60+s get the Segnosaurus unlock.

Edit: Misread Shake the Earth for Earth Shattering. My bad.


Ah ok thx guess ill have to wait for the event to come back and hope that im lvl 60 by then to unlock it

Guess it was.


The Segnosaurus tournament was a bracketed tournament so lower level players got the pack for finishing in Dominator but not the unlock. They also had easier matchups to get to dominator and stay in dominator though so there’s that.


i have my velociraptor gen2 from the gen2 fury event and I hatched her and when I came to the market, it just said, unlock via special even even I unlocked it from the event


Hi @jossebel_ceido, welcome to the forum! :smiley:

Sadly, Gen 2 Fury unlocks are for players above level 65. Those between the level requirement and level 65 can earn a single individual from the Gen 2 Fury event, whereas those above level 65 can obtain it with DNA in the Market after completing the event.

Hope this helps!


Well,as @Jurassic_Fury said, you will unlock it when you complete a Gen 2 fury event after reaching above level 65.

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I too used to play on Bluestacks(till my cousin broke my PC)

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