Special Event Spawn Rates


Hi All,

Can someone confirm for me that the special event dinos respawn every hour (for commons) whether they have been captured or not? What i mean by this is… after an hour will they rotate the dinos so that there is variety?

I ask because I went to my local park this mornig and it was all Dilo Gen2, so if I go back at 11 or 12 will it be different dinos even though I did dart the Dilos Gen 2’s?


The special event respawn rates :smile: After that period a new dino may spawn in its place.


I get that, if you dart one it will respawn in an hour, but if you dont dart it will it change the dino after an hour or will it stay there until it is darted?


Yes, the special event dinos rotates after a period of time regardless if you decide to dart or not.


I saw a event drop was Dilopho Gen2 in the first hour, but changed to Galli in the second hour.
So it might be change spawn dino at every time respawn?:thinking:


Can anyone confirm this?
If that’s the case, then that’s an EVEN WORSE format


I just went back and it’s the same 3 Gen2 dillos and it’s been 1.5hrs


Yes it can change when the new spawn occurs. Hopefully because I don’t want to be stuck with diplocaulus for all the event long :joy:


Based on the above chart what I understand is:

  • The dinos will change/rotate based on the respawn rate duration. eg: The commons would keep changing every 1 hr. The duration is less for commons and keeps increasing for Epic, Legendary because there is larger variety of lower class while usually there are max of 2 epics. and the attempts are also lower as the rarity increases.

  • Once you dart a dino, the current supply drop will go blank and a new dino would appear after the SD cooldown of 15 mins for any dino class. One thing interesting here is my assumption that once you dart a dino, the same dino would appear there until the next rotation period (assuming the dino spawns are global/same for everyone).


Has anyone spotted 2 different dinos at the same time on today’s event ?? Everyone seems to only be seeing one Dino at all supply drops at any one time


I have a park/walking path nearby and can see all the 4 dinos in a group of 5-6 supply drops.
And the dinos have changed a couple of times for now.


Thank god for that haha


Third hour…and that spot spawns a Monolopho Gen2.:thinking:


Same here…


Just a few gallimimus, hoping to go to a bigger park later to maximize my chances. Knowing me, I have absolutely the worst luck :joy:


Anybody else see blank Supply drops? Earlier morning, I could see all the supply drops (in my view) being occupied by the event dinos. But in latest rotation, I see half of them are blank. And yes, these drops are in range and not far away.

Same can be seen in the screenshot of Caleb (unless he just darted those dinos).