Special event stop gone?


The park near my house which only had one stop is now gone, I marked where it was and that is that only special event near me so I couldn’t do the special event dinos this week, please add it back and possibly more to the area!

Staff please respond to my last topic


The park special event is gone and now there is no special event stop near me at all. Either add it back please or add more special events around me to take its place, I’m not going to be able to partake in the event if there are none around me



And Ludia, when you are on it: could you please send some legendary dinosaurs to my place as well. Maybe one every 15 mins would be fine. Thanks for your support. :wink:


What’s that supposed to mean? There used to be a special event stop last last week and now it’s gone, not acting like I’m special, there is no more special event stops near me now


Special event stops change positions. That’s actually fair because at one special event you benefit, next time someone else does. If you wanna participate in special events you usually need to move there. That’s how the game works. Im mainly playing at home either, but for special events i actually go there to get the DNA and coins.


Is that new? It’s been there ever since the game released and hasn’t moved until recently


Jason/sara/j.c can you guys give me a update on the special event stop? There is none around me anymore




Right lol. I just want to know of it’s gone for a certain time or if a new one will pop up soon near me


This happened to many players for some reason they remove those supply that get used a lot by people. For other players that specific supply might still be there. They will tell you to clear your game cache, wich wont help. Other then that they will do nothing about it.


I’m pretty sure the stop being discussed is a green park stop which shouldn’t move and always become a special event location as long as it wasn’t flagged as unsafe/unaccessible/etc.


It was at a park near my house, which the park only had one special event stop and now that its gone, the rest no more near me


@XxBlueN1njaXx The same problem I have the joke about it is in the next city which is 40 kilometers away are about 20 event drops next to each other and here is not even close to somewhere that is somehow unfair here in my city nothing although there were enough parks but every other city has at least 7 to 10 event loot drops


Well I can only participate in event drops once, maybe two times a week when I go to church which is around 6-7 miles away


Took around two weeks but it’s back ludia, thanks for readding it back


Hey XxBlueN1njaXx, I’m glad to hear that your problem is solved! However, the supply drops are always moving around, take a look at our FAQ here: https://ludia.helpshift.com/a/jurassic-world-alive/?s=hot-topics&f=one-of-my-local-supply-drops-or-parks-is-gone&p=all