Special event stops

It is getting harder and harder to collect all the special event week dinosaurs you want because there are almost none special event stops near me. Even when i’ll drive around on bike accross the whole city you can collect just a little bit. I see 50+ supply drops, strike towers, … and then 3 special event stops. You can imagine what happen on friday when they drop 5 epics. You cant catch all what you want in the weekend.

Most of the people want to collect the weekly dinosaurs they need but they dont have 24h everyday to hunt.

I’m guess that people getting frustrated (include myself) that they cant catch what they need and then quit the game earlier. Buying incubators is for the majority of players not an option.

It was nice when Ludia brings the special event outside the park but now you can catch less…

Are there more people that have the same problem and think like me?

It does depend on your local topography, I spent a couple of days in Cardiff last week and could easily max all rewards and challenges, now I’m back home I’m struggling!

I feel ya! The strike events shouod be like the treasure chests that dissapear after you do them and turn into green stops.

Please ludia make life a tad easier for us please