Special Event Suggestion


Changes I would like to see in Special events:
Still spawn normal dinosaurs in park.
Give us more attempts on the Rare Dinosaur for the event.
At least 24 hours.

My wife and I decided to try the special event at the park yesterday. I just wish there was other normal dinosaurs scattered around the park. Pretty barren park except for a bunch of special event dinos… then once we had our 3 attempts, it was over. Nothing else to do at the park.

Only 3 attempts to catch the dinosaur? After we finished I barely got the dinosaur and my wife didn’t even come close, after we were done, she got really frustrated and commented on why we even came to the park if she didn’t get the dinosaur. Seems like it could be better if you give enough attempts to create the dinosaur, then not allow anymore attempts on it. Just really depressing when you drive to a park, then don’t even get the dinosaur. Didn’t make us want to do it again.

I just feel like my wife and I would be more likely to play the game and participate in the event if these 2 things were changed. I want to go get the special dino today, but I don’t know if I can convince my wife to go with me. No extra little fun dinos to find in the park, and you only get 3 attempts to get the other dino.