“Special Events”


These special events should give you more than three tries. How are you supposed to get an epic dino in three tries when you have no dna for it to begin with?


It may seem unfair, but it’s the game’s way of reminding players about the importance of increasing their level and darting wild dinosaurs–not just the ones that are easy pickings at events.

If you manage to get 50 DNA per darting session, you’ll have unlocked the Spinotahraptor. Even if you don’t manage to unlock it, you’re still providing yourself with a future advantage. It’s not like the DNA is going to waste, or you’ll have no future opportunities to unlock it. It’ll just take a little more time and effort.

As a player who only managed to 35 DNA from the one available try during the Indoraptor event back in June…I’ll take three chances at an Epic any day. :slight_smile:


I can fairly regularly get 150 DNA on one try against an epic at level 15. Three tries gives me a smorgasbord of DNA. Like the above poster put, work on leveling up.


I’ve been playing for a couple months and I’m only level 7. It takes me forever to level up.


It’s to make it more challenging so that you focus on each of your 3 tries. People that practice their darting can time it properly to land on target better so they are rewarded for their efforts.

It would be nice to have more than 3 tries but I think it makes perfect sense why it is limited. It’s to challenge you to improve.


I got 50 , 50 and then 31 , oh well there may be another chance soon ?


It’s a hybrid so maybe you will do better with hunting spinosaurus and utahraptor and getting it since you are very close. Good luck with your hunts :blush:


Its guranteed free hybrid DNA. I now have enough DNA for lvl 12 for it when I dont even have enough DNA for a lvl 10 spino yet granted I have 5.5k utah DNA :sweat_smile:


I consider these events to be QUITE special, considering that I don’t get out to as many as I’d like to. I have been kept very busy today so I cannot get Spinotahraptor, for example. The trip to town isn’t worth getting even further behind on my responsibilities AND burning gas.

I simply see these things as nice treats when given the chance. Also kinda sucks I cannot get much out of the treasure hunt thing, too, but hey; what’cha going to do, right?