Special Guest Dinos


Alright, here me out on this one. The game is still new, and we just got some new hybrids including I-Raptor. But what if we had dinos from other games as well? Similar to how the previous park builder had some rather interesting purple creatures to fight, we could have a special event where we could battle these dinos at chances for their dna instead of rank.

For example, we could have Spike the Spinosaurus from a PlayStation Title join the fun:

Imagine having that in your team! We could even have the Mutant ones from Carnivores, and maybe those weird hybrids from the park builder.

Anyway, just another fun thought.

What do you guys think? It could help even the playing field and add mote diversity.


As long as they are not going to put in event dinosaurs with christmiss hats or bunny ears im all cool for your idea!


XD omg that’d be hilarious!