Special Hybrids release?!

I personally never thought of the idea of Jurassic-Aquatic hybrids, and I was a bit sceptical about the Allonogmius at first, but it looks awesome and we can take this special hybrid idea way further. My third idea for another special hybrid is the Coryneria, a mix of the Corythosaurus and Hyneria. It would have slight fins on all limbs, the back, and the tail. It has a slightly armoured face from the Hyneria and a head crest from the Corythosaurus. It is a herbivore obviously, just as the Allonogmius is a carnivore. Please I think it’s a good idea and I love the special hybrids now.
My last idea for a special hybrid is the Pterosaurus, a combination of the Pteranodon and the Mauisaurus. It would have a long neck like the Quetzalcoatlus and others, then a slightly reptilian face and a beak on the end. The head would have a Pteranodon like crest on its head, and a sail on its back from a lvl 40 Elasmosaurus that connected to the crest. It would have a slightly longer tail than most big pterosaurs. Do whatever you want with the stats.

Sorry I said Mauisaurus and Pteranodon for the Pterosaurus but I meant Elasmosaurus, instead.
Also, I have had another idea after I realized I missed one below unique rarity Jurassic dinosaur that didn’t have a hybrid, the Gallimimus. So my final idea is for a Gallicromerum, a Gallimimus and Trinacromerum hybrid. It would be a carnivore I think, but maybe you guys could make multiple carnivore habitats instead of a big stone wall, see my idea One type habitats?? to get more info. The Gallicromerum would have a head and neck like a fisher carnivore, and some spines on its back to create a sail. It would have some feathers like the other ornithomimosaurs. Make it very green and light blue the the Trinacromerum, with hints of other colours from the Gallimimus. Do whatever with the stats.

As much as hybrids are cool, I prefer dinosaur releases that are not yet in the game.

Same. Hybrids like Suchoripterus and Cerazinosaurus and Pachygalosaurus and Yudon are way too weird and unrealistic. I prefer more realistic hybrids like Indominus Rex, Pachyceratops, Tropeogopterus, and Carnoraptor. They should add way more herbivores like Prenocephale, Homalocephale, Stegoceras, and Dracorex for some Pachycephalosaurs. They also need way more Sauropods like Futalognkosaurus, Saltasaurus, Titanosaurus, and Antarctosaurus, and maybe some prosauropods like Plateosaurus and Massospondylus. Also, herbivores like Gallimimus and Pelicanimimus should be carnivores, not herbivores. We also need way more small carnivores like Dromaeosaurus, Compsagnathus, Procompsagnathus, Coelurus, Coelophysis, Dilong, and Cryolophosaurus.

Make the Coryneria greenish blue with some red streaks, and bits of deep blue. Make the Pterosaurus silverish blue with some bright purple on the crest, and silverish green spots on the wings.