Special Hybrids

I have an idea for two different special hybrids following the release of the Allonogmius special hybrid. One is the Scaphodus special hybrid, a combination of the Scaphognathus and the Suchodus, Which would have a long beaklike snout and thicker scaly tail. It would be very very high damage and low health. It would be a pterosaur like Scaphognathus.
The second special hybrid would be the Ophiycthys, a combination of the Ophiacodon and the Leedsichthys. It would have a thick armour-like scaly face and semi fin like feet. The tail would have the traces of a fin, as well as the back. It should have lots of health and low damage unlike the Ophiacodon. It would be a carnivore like Ophiacodon

Now that aquatic +Jurassic hybrids are available we have even more hybrid combinations to make and suggest . I am curious if they plan to add cenozoic +Jurassic hybirds too. As for your ideas , the only one I disagree is your first suggestion , as I think that Suchodus would be ideal for an amphibian hybrid and not a pterosaur.

They are just ideas I haven’t even made a real look as I am just loosely describing it, and thank you for some constructive criticism and support!

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Two more hybrid ideas are the Quetzodus and the Aeropristis. The Quetzodus is a Quetzalcoatlus and Rhizodus hybrid, so it would have a long neck with a scaly face, and a crude beak with small teeth on the inside, and fins on the back up to the head. The wings would have small fin like fingers that are webbed, and the feet would be stubbier and more stocky, with webbing as well. Make it silver like the Quetzalcoatlus and coal black like the Rhizodus. The Aeropristis would have a long beak with a small lower jaw with a few tooth like protrusions that make it look misshapen and crude. The upper beak would exhibit spikes along both sides from the Onchopristis. The wings would be fin like, and the legs would have fins on them. Maybe there can be a fin on the back as well. Make it blue like the Aerotitan and red like the Onchopristis.

The Scaphodus would be orange and green, yellow green wings. The Ophiythys would be blue and yellow with a green sail and deeper shades on the head.

The last hybrid should be the Shugeosaurus, a Geosaurus and Shunosaurus hyrbrid. The name could use improvement, but I don’t want it to be named like the Koolasaurus, so for now that’s good. It would have a shorter neck that is stockier. The tail would be shaped like a shark tail, but very hard like the Shunosaurus club. It would have an armour like covering across its back, and a sail made from spikes in the middle. The head would be covered in many small spikes, and the snout should be elongated with sharp teeth. The colouring should be dark purple like the Shunosaurus but almost black, with some Geosaurus reddish orange, then some light teal green flakes.

I like Aeropristis idea !

Thank you, I love the support and constructive criticism.