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Special items?


Im I the only one who would think special items would be awsome? (Probably🤔)

You know, kinda like those from Pogo… but different of course! It could ad some fun stuff!

Imagine finding rare and special collectables from chests or event! You could have them in a sort of collection-galleri!
Maybe a colourfull dino egg for easter
A pumkin with JW logo Carver into it for halloween
A fossil amber
Maisies dino-plush

This would add more fun reasons to go out and search for dinos! Imagine opening a chest and finding an INDOMINUS Rex tooth!

What do you think about this idea?


Yeah! And getting Dino fossils could be used to get DNA, but you would have to spend time like a incubator, but extracting DNA wouldn’t be able to be sped up. It would be way easier to get DNA too.


Happy that you agree! :+1:


Can I get a side of an Irex with his tooth?
I don’t have him :joy:
It sounds an awesome idea!
I’d like a chance to fine a “spyglass” to see your next opponents team, it’d help a lot…