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Special offer price changes

Why changed the price i ask around is changes in usa eu etc …


Yes the old price supposed to valid and last for 3 days! When I about to purchase I saw ludia sneakily increase the price. That’s unacceptable!


Yes! Same here! Old offer still had time left, they should bring it back.

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Hey everyone, I’m sorry for the confusion. There was some visual discrepancy initially but it was corrected.

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I was going to buy this morning, but now that they can just make them whatever price they feel like on that day.


What do you mean “visual discrepancy”? Yesterday the price was $36USD today it’s $50 USD.

It would be a visual discrepancy if it stated the lower price and people were being charged what I’m assuming what was intended. The 48.99£.

Did anyone purchase the bundle at it’s lower price to prove this?

It’s in pretty bad form to make a 14£ increase after, what? A 14 hour difference? I mean, I hope it was caught far sooner than that, but if not…I don’t know, it’s a hard pill to swallow but it seems like one of those things you mess up on and just have to accept, if only to keep your reputation and respectability.


I think a lot more is wrong with those offers especially if you compare pack 1 and pack 2.

Pack 1
1x Gyllentalon
2x 4* sheep
2400 runes
100k fish
cost: 29,99 euros (2x value) => 60 euros (if 1x value)

Pack 2
2x Gyllentalon
3x 4* sheep
4000 runes
150k fish
cost: 54,99 euros (2.5x value) = > 137,5 euros (if 1x value)

Now imagine if you could buy the first pack twice you’d then get
2x Gyllontalon
4x 4* sheep
4800 runes
200k fish
and it would only cost you 60 euros (2x Value) => 120 euro (if 1x value)

But hold on? Isn’t this more than you’d get from the second pack? yes it is and you might think thats normal because you would pay 5 euros more for it, but take a look at the 1x value numbers. Something odd happens there the supposed value of pack 2 is higher than when you’d be able to buy pack 1 twice. This is something thats not supposed to happen (you pay more and you’d get less).

Conclusion: either the lower price might have been the correct price or they made a typo in the value number of either pack 1 or Pack 2.

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To be perfectly honest I’ve never done anything but roll my eyes at the supposed ‘x value’ that’s used as incentive to purchase bundles. It’s used in every mobile game I’ve come across and it seems in each one they get more and more outlandish.

These companies can toss out any numbers they very well please to make it sound like it’s such a fantastic savings, but who is it that is coming up with these numbers? Who is really holding them to their claims? I’ve seen (in other games) claims of prices being marked down from ‘100 USD!! 1000% savings!!! 144.95 now 1.99!!’. They probably don’t expect people- at least the majority of people- to really sit down to do the math like you have. ‘Flash sales’ are usually just about grabbing people in that instant, that’s why they have such short timers. Those leveling sales that last only a half hour? Pff. The worst culprits.

Impulse buys, man. I know I’ve regretted my fair share.

And, correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m fairly certain I’ve seen these same tactics done in another one of Ludia’s games: Rise of Berk.

The only people that can decide the initial economic value of these things are those that distribute the products. They know the true worth, such as those that sell shoes or clothing that are made in factories in different countries for less than a dollar, but charge 50 USD to over 100 USD to reap the benefits. But, you know, ‘they have to make money somehow’.

Either way, my point is, is that I have never found any merit in the ‘x value’ claims unless they very specifically have solid proof right there at its heels, and even then I’m wary. It’s not like it’s uncommon for the prices to inflate to make it seem like you’re getting a better deal when you’re not. But usually I see it as nothing more than a marketing gimmick. In the end, of course, this is still my own personal point of view.

And, I forgot to add, it all still depends on your own personal opinion on what you find to be a worthwhile purchase. If you were really wanting this sort of thing in the first place, and a sale just happened to coincide with that, why wouldn’t you get it?


I bought this pack at its earlier price which for me was £34.99. My Apple invoice agrees that price. I would never have bought it for the new price of £48.99! Crazy stuff!


So…if that’s the case, I don’t see how it’s a visual discrepancy then?

It seems more like just a cut and dry mistake where they realized they had the original price too low for what they originally planned. Perhaps a price intended for another bundle, if they had some sort of document listing them, and someone made the error of accidentally going one row down (or up)? Maybe something like that?

Personally I still hold firm that once one makes a mistake like that you really should…own it? It’s not the same as having a product out on the shelves for good. It’s a sale that’s lasting within a short period of time. Some things, I feel, you just have to swallow.


You could look at this deal a different way - you can get 4800 runes for £48.99. So the 800 ‘extra’ runes were swapped for the sheep, two 4* dragons and the fish. Two premium draft cards cost 800 runes… not such a bad deal after all. Having said that I’m glad I got it at the cheaper price.


However, if one is not an iPhone user and can utilize Tapjoy, an offer that gives you, say, 2800 runes can take maybe a day or two if you care to put time into it. If you don’t, the money it takes to speed up the process in those games usually ends up anywhere from 1.99 to 4.99 USD.

If you either don’t have access to, or do not wish to use Tapjoy, there’s the fact that Flight Club gives, 2000 runes a month, at 10 USD, then the 100 runes in the FC chests either twice a day, daily or every other day, depending on your manner of play. And then the runes you can get through the daily rotation of quests.

Breeding alone will get you those same dragons, those which will eventually be placed into clan chests (I think it’s usually a week and a half, two weeks after release?) I already got two copies of the 4* Thunderclaw from breeding and now I’m just working towards big ol’ 5*. It’s just a matter of if you feel the price is worth getting those dragons (and sheep, which are also in clan and duty chests) right now, instead of waiting. Which is solely the prerogative of the consumer.

That’s the point of these bundles, and why they’re priced the way they are.

Well said once again Mysterious.