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Special Offer Question

So I noticed in the market that I have a limited time offer of three dinosaurs available for purchase with in-game currency ‘cash’. One of which is Quetzalcoatlus, one of my favorite flying prehistoric reptiles and a dinosaur that would make a fine addition to my collection.
However I don’t have a lot of the cash currency to throw around and the Quetzal is almost 2k which would put a serious hole in my pocket.
So my question is this: If I were to purchase the Quetzal, would I be getting one Quetzal, or would it become unlocked in the market? As much as I want it, I don’t want to spend that much cash for one dinosaur, I rather try and earn it free from card packs, or hope it comes up in an event to unlock.

When you buy it from packs, it is not unlocked in the market. You’ll just get one copy of the creature.

Special offers are for one time copies, the only time a creature is unlocked is if you participate in the event that offers said unlock.

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I think there’s an unlock event for this guy coming up, anyway. Don’t do it.

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Thank-you for the information, I’ll save my cash for another day.