Special Quests July 22-28

Ok i know you’ll post this up on the forums shortly as usual but… Please establish and confirm this because you say “All quests start at 10am et” but specifically on Thursday it says 4pm et



Hi Mod,

I saw on FB that it is confirmed the event will start at 4pm ET. Can you please help get an explanation why the sudden change in timing? This is not a 1 or 2 hours change, but a huge 6 hours difference. People have established schedules around events start time and resets time the past couple of months, not to mention that 4pm ET is now at a very disadvantages timing for those in the ASPAC region ( ranging from 3am ~ 6am ), so we would at least deserve an explanation on why the drastic shift in timing, and if this is a one off thing, or moving forward event dragons are going to be set on 4pm ET?

Hope you do take this into consideration for future events. Thanks very much.


Guys, with all due respect… just wow. This thread reeks of weird bad energy demands.

They always release the weekly event line up on Sunday, which gives you guys over three days to accommodate your schedule. Why does it start 6 hours later? Who knows. Maybe there will be a scheduled update, and it will take so much time to process through their respective App stores. Maybe they just want the extra time to check for any new hybrid bugs themselves.

Whatever their reason, they have told us of the schedule change, but are under no obligation to let us know why. Do you really think they would change the whole update just because “well sorry I won’t be available for that new drop time.” And do you think their reason for delay would give your complaint any more sway?


@upperthorso Sure they have no obligation to let us know the reason, but i do think they should clarify things a little bit. I mean this change is quite big especially if you look at the Stormfly event. There a lot of people will try to get 5 free runs by resetting the event every 23 hours, but will this be possible if the event gets released at 10pm (ET). Will they also change the end time of the event (delay the end time by 6 hours)?.


Everything including Alphas start at midnight to 2am in Australia for us, consider yourselves lucky at what time starts for you, cos the rest us aren’t as lucky, dunno what your complaining about.


Complaining about changes. With a set start time we can all know when to hit and can get in the daily 6 hits. Although many have asked for a rotating alpha start time to accommodate all time zones, but thus far ludia has resisted.

The change in event start is different due to it being a change, also contradicting there posted start times. Some explanation would help. Also, it os very fair to ask if the end time is changed too or if the event will end at the normal time


Hello Vikings!

The sudden change on Thursday is to accommodate for a potential game update. If the update goes out in the afternoon while the events are running, players will be missing out. We wanted to make sure that the event starts after the game maintenance or update. The events will also end later to give you the same amount of time to complete them as previous events.

The update is not yet confirmed, we’ll have more news on that later this week.


Thanks Marcus, this clarification has been very helpful to understand the reason for shifting the event time! I for one will support any effort in updating the game for the better!


This is not a permanent change. The default time is still 10 AM (ET).

Thank you for understanding :slight_smile:


@Marcus For how many hours would the update last? I am concerned as to how the clan events are going to be organized around this update.

Normally it takes no more than 2 to 3 hours.