Special Server for Cheaters


Ludia should set up a special server for cheaters. It would be an exact replica of what we honest people play. Everything looks exactly alike on the map and how everything works. If a person found themselves on this special server, they wouldn’t even know it. Ludia would silently push cheaters they found to this server to play with and against themselves.

This would be the difference. They would see all the same regular common seen spawns but the unseen spawns would be cut in half or more. The same amount of rares and epics would spawn but only stay for a quarter the time. Components for legendaries and uniques become extremely rare being replaced by none component common, rares and epics.They would see more non component dinos than component ones.

They would battle themselves and smarter bots that would have a higher rate of critical hits and stuns. Their dinos critical hits and stun rates would be silently cut in half. They would see their rank listed in with the rest of the honest players but the honest players would not see them in the ranking or battle against them.

Incubators for them would have less component dna and more non-component dna than what people get on the honest server(s).

Dinos would increase speed a little faster at darting allowing them to escape much more often. The bulls eyes would grow slower. The dinos will constantly change direction with every dart hit.

The game would be programmed to automatically send a person to this server if a spoof program was detected on the phone or device. This would be a silent soft ban and the player would return the the regular server if a spoof program was removed and not found at the next login.

The cheater could still cheat and still spoof but they won’t be playing with us honest people and the game will be a little harder for them to play.