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Special strikes

Could we have some more special strikes that are not just common rare epic? Like this week is good but could we have more of them? I would like to see ardentismaxima

they only give natural so you can go fuse the hybrids, giving hybrid dna is too valuable which is why its like once a season thing and it takes the point of the game away, besides you want gemeni

back when the game was newer tho, there were unique strikes more often then they are now.

I haven’t even seen a unique strike

How long have you been playing

Are you talking about strike towers or darting opportunities?

Darting opportunities

Ok, well I hope you can see how confusing your topic can be as most people refer to strike towers as strikes.

Problem with unique darting events is to many attempts can cause issues in the lower arenas where people aren’t normally ready to start fusing those uniques. Like the original st pattys day event.

Which is why they are typically rare.