Special supply drops gone!


Has any one else noticed supply points and special green ones dissapeared? Where i live we have a big park had 3 special supply drops. Also a new supply drop appeared near my house and 1 in a dodgy area dissapeared yay! And now the park drops have gone! And so i cant get showcase dinos anymore unless i travel stupid distances for 1 green supply drop :(. Also the 1 near my house has gone and re appeared back at the dodgy place. I emailed support ingame and have had no reply. Has anyone else found their drops dissapeared too?


I had issues with something like that today. Drove past one park, hit baryonyx twice, plenty of green supply drops. On the way to the next park, all the drops and dinos disappeared. I had to restart the app, because I figured out that the GPS coordinates weren’t refreshing fast enough to keep up.

Once we got back to the first park, I had the same thing happen. It’s probably that the GPS can’t refresh fast enough in some areas, forcing you to restart the game.