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Special VIP Creatures


Is there any way to get the higher tier VIP creatures such as Pterodaustro, Metoposaurus and Arcrocanthosaurus without being VIP?


Yes, but it is very difficult and unlikely.

The only way to get one of the VIP exclusive characters without being a VIP is randomly to unlock them in a Diamond Fidelity pack. The only way to get a Diamond Fidelity pack is to accumulate the bars in the Prize Drop; if you get all ten bronze tickets, and then get all the non-dinobucks/non-cash silver tickets (there are two days of the week when it’s 200 DNA per silver ticket), on Monday, you can unlock a Diamond Fidelity Prize pack for around 6,500 dinobucks.

Of course, that is a lot of currency spent for the small chance that you get one of the VIP exclusive creatures (you’re much more likely to get one of the VIP creatures that you can buy with the loyalty points in the 20k or 10k packs). I’d say it’s not worth it. To my knowledge, there’s nothing any of the VIP Exclusives can do that some other equivalent dino can’t.

You may also be able to buy them in certain packs, but I don’t know. I’ve never paid enough attention to care. My hatchery is so backlogged already the last thing I need is any new dinos.

Besides, why buy new dinos when you can’t put them in your park anyway? (Hint hint, Ludia)

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From time to time you can buy an exclusive VIP for 50k. Very expensive and I would not recommend it before you have an impressive number of normal VIPs.

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Thank you. The only reason I want them is to have every creature. Do you know if they eventually enter the solid gold packs like the pterodactylus did?

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I’m playing for more the 2 years now and as far I can remember pterodactylus is the only one that ever entered normal gold packs, maybe Eolambia too. I don’t want to disappoint you but there a still 4 dinos that I don’t have in my park.

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@elliana welcome to the forums.

I have never seen the VIP creatures in any packs other than the Loyalty packs, either 10k, 20k, or 50k. @HanSoloWannaBe has already listed off the areas you can chance across them in other areas of the game, I am not sure if the trade harbor VIP creatures are only for VIP members but that is also where I have gotten some of the creatures that I have not been able to get in the 10k, or 20k packs. The 50k packs are to high for me to justify the use of VIP points on.


On one occasion within the past few weeks, in one of those weekday Cenozoic-only fights, I completed all 3 battles and received some pack, forgot which. The final card, the Dino, turned out to be the VIP amphi, mastodonsaurus. Not sure if those packs count in what y’all are already discussing, but I had previously never received anything that awesome.

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I will have to look at the pack details… I looked at it today for the “Rarity rumble” I think that’s what it was called, there were some good creatures in that. Was bummed it was only worth like 130 VIP points which seemed broken since it was basically a gold pack, fir gyres it was going to be 650 :disappointed:

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There is some kind of logic in it. Make the fights much harder and reduce the reward significantly.

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