Many games has some sort of specialization dividing into tree.
So here are my Ideas:

When you reach level 15 you can choose one of these:
Scientist - When you are Evolving creature, you get 10% of previous stage into new stage
- Fuse is reduced to 0 coins, Evolve price is reduced by 25%
Hunter - Your direct hits are increased by 200%
Trainer - You are getting double amount of boosts from Battle incubators

Then on level 20 you can choose another bonus:

  • Pioneer - When you are discovering new spicies if you darted 3 Direct hits you get 50% what you darted
    - Aliiance can donate you 50% more DNA per request
  • Lab Rat - When you fuse 30 and above you get 25% chance of getting double
  • Observer - When you are not moving your spawn rate is faster and rare and epic chance is increased
  • Adventurer - When you are moving you have increased chance to get epic
  • Tamer - Your Battle incubators are adding you additional 50% boost, but you DNA amount is decreased by 50
  • Whisperer - Your amount of DNA from Battle incubators is increased by 200%

So, what do you think? Did you thought about “personal career”?


Very interesting, I would like seeing this in game.

I like this a lot it kinda helps people enjoy their favorite part of the game more

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Mine would be either Scientist or Hunter and Lab Rat

Sounds interesting. Are these once you choose them, you cant switch? Because I would see people going just the boost route because they are the most valuable resource. Bit if we can swap between them at the cost of no bonuses for 2+ days I think it could add some strategy to what you really need and what you ca. do without for a bit.

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i would choose hunter and lab rat

with the hunter, say you catchin a unqique. lets just say you atomatically gettin it now. at least if you normally get 125

Sure, for coins or probably Hard Cash.
I would like to reset once per 6 months.

I know that some might not be so atractive for old players, so they would like to have Scientist. New players would probably choose Hunter.

It would depend on your game style and how to you spend time with app.

I do not know anyone who darted Unique with three Direct hits. :smiley:
Plus, there is not so many opportunities to get Unique in wild, expect special events .

i was just saying, but that double dna is really good, thats 50 epic dna in one direct hit. it isnt that hard to get 3 direct hits on a unqiue either. i get about 4, i dart about 11 to 12 tmes on 1 dino tho