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Specific Scents

What ever happened to scents you could obtain or buy.

I used a raptor scent I had saved for ages and it got me thinking, why wouldn’t they incorporate these into the game more??

I would love to Purchase different scents that attract specific dinos you need. I.e raptors, tarbos etc.

I bet it would increase there revenue which is what the game is all about to be fair.

The last scent we had that you could buy was for lynorax April fools.


Was thinking the same thing today. Would be cool if every week had scents featuring the weekly dinos


Most of those specific scents seem to be conveniently tied to changes in spawn mechanics…ie when 1.5 first launched with massively nerfed rex spawns and stegos moved to parks… they had a stego scent. Alot of people talked about the nerf to rex spawns was to make the data mined rex scent more appealing.

Im guessing they decided to go in another direction as they never released the rex scents.

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Yes give me Tarbo scents I’ll buy them to go with my night hunts which the bird is killing atm lol.

So basically scents could have a optional window where you choose which common scent you want it to be. But maybe only occasionally have rare epic deals. So they can’t be milked up.

The problem here is it becomes even more extreme on the subject of pay to win. But I personally wouldn’t mind it.


Agreed, but they cost slightly more cash/coins. I want a rex scent!

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Imagine a Spinosaurid scent that attracts Irritator Gen 1


I bet it’s gonna be

90% common irritator
6.1% suchomimus
2% rare spinosaurus
1% rare baryonyx
0.5% rare irritator<<
0.2% epic spinosaurus
0.2% epic baryonyx


Yeah it probably would

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Yeah I feel most people would buy them and would be nice to be able to be guarantee some nice dna on a walk rather than walking miles and getting only a couple of what you want.

I got 8k of raptor in one scent. Would love this for tarbo! He’s a nightmare for me with daylight changing.

Yeah with it staying daylight out longer tarbo and velo gonna be a little sparce

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