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Speculation: Is the new STAT BOOSTING TO POWERFUL to be launched? Are they regretting this future?


Is the new stat boosting program to powerful for the meta?

Have influencers and dedicated players told their comments about this move in the game?

Is it possible the company regretting this new abilities?

Can this boosting program be the end for the game?

Ever wanted your Tyrannosaurus Rex to be faster than a Velociraptor? Would you like to increase the health of that creature with a Swap in Ability? Well now you can, thanks to Stat Boosts!


  • Starting at Player Level 10 , you can use Attack, Health and Speed Boosts in order to augment your creatures’ attributes.
  • Stat Boost Tiers go from 0 (no Stat Boosts) to 10 (maximum Boost).
  • Stat Boosts are a resource that lets you increase your creature’s abilities. Note that the Stat Boost costs increase for every upgrade tier.
  • Attack and Health can increase by up to +50%. Speed can increase by up to +100.
  • The Character Sheet has been modified to allow users to modify their attributes upfront rather than having to scroll down.
  • The Roster now supports Sorting, which lets you sort your creatures using the default view, based on attributes, as well as based on (localized) names!
  • During a battle, when a creature has one or more Boosted Stats, its tooltip includes the modified attribute with specific colour treatment.
  • During a battle, when a creature that has one or more Boosted Stats is deployed, a specific icon is shown along with its name during the deploy sequence.

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Safe boost for tyran tiers
But weak dino like megalosuchus, nodopatitan,… Can be cool.

Add +20 Speed for dracoceratops for more ragequit xD


I don’t have a crystal ball so I couldn’t tell you. We’ll see whenever the update is available.



Doubtful. It’s awesome.


:smiley: Hope that helps. lol


Its clear whales will dominate.

However for the more average player who isnt 15 with unlimited time or someone whos rich this will invariably mix up the arena making alot of dinos more relevant IMO

However time will tell

Its clear whales will dominate.

This take is reliant on knowing what these cost, how they will be implemented, and other details we do not yet have from patch notes alone.

You know, when scents were first implemented, people said the same thing. “Whales benefit most. This is a huge P2W move. They’ll probably be so expensive no one will be able to afford them or care.”

Then they gave them away for free in scent strikes. They made them reasonably priced. They became a huge asset to the game and have been quite amazing.

Aka - we won’t know until we see it.


yes and the world is coming to an end as well!!



I simply don’t get it. Even when it’s spelled out, even when my last post clearly asked for people to express concerns with the game, and 80% of them were fixed with the patch, people can still hate on the game and the company. It has to be communication, right? That has to be it.

I’m just generally stunned to silence over it all.

  1. It’s too early to tell as the meta will probably switch. But since every dinos will be impacted same way it should be good in the long run

  2. Some did, others didn’t. But majority of dedicated players didn’t only a few minority did.

  3. I doubt that they will regret it. But once again we need to see the implementation first for a more accurate view on this.
    Maybe the first problems will come when the Dino where you invested all your boost is going to be nerfed so badly… Time will tell.

  4. Why ? The game is not only about battles. Even if they were broken (and I really doubt about it AS long as the implementation is made correct) they would still be other way to play the game.

Honestly it’s a promising feature. I look forward to see what comes with it :+1:

I disagree in a way. When scents were implemented the whales did get all the level 30 dinos from all lines (sino, trex, ourano). To get a tryk level 30 months before most and thor, rinex green chicken it shows that this sytem was abused while the rest of us are still catching up.

Not that i mind. It funds the game and you still have to put the the time and effort in. I have been saving my green cash from tapjoy and ingame to tactfully do this too. Just much slower. I just feel some will take full advantage and naturally so.

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My opinion is clear. A small increase in health or attack can be something that can be fun and does not change the game radically. That a creature has 10% more health or strength can win a battle but the battle will be fought with the same current rules.
A small change of speed changes the game in such a way that, in my opinion, it simply destroys it. A 10% more speed makes a Tryko have a preference against the Thor that is its only counter, that an indoraptor is faster than a Diloracherius or that a diloracherius of 22 will destroy a diloracherius of 26.

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I disagree. While you think a small increase will be fun, that doesn’t happen in a box. Your opponent does the same thing so you are back to where you started except you spent coins to keep up with others.

in any level cap increase, any at all, you will end up with people who play 24 hours a day. Free to play or not, those people will beat everyone else. And you’ll end up with people who buy incubators or special offers or other items and beat everyone else there as well.

The issue, as you hint at, is saying that these things “break” anything. They don’t. Quite the opposite. Free games are free because people pay in app purchases.

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Also disagree when everything hits equilibrium. Raise in speed or not, no game mechanic is changed when everyone hits cap. In fact, balance is “restored” to exactly how it is now.

This will widen the gap between the cheaters, pay to win and regular players.
Game changer, not sure if for the best, we’ll see


Reminds me of when PoGo started to change like this. Honestly it turned me off to the game. No more uniform playing field, and strategies go out the window.


Eh, gotta disagree my friend. Well, with the well priced part. $10 for 20 mins is a bit steep. With sales and cash deals I probably average $7 per scent, but that required me to drop hundreds of $$$ to take advantage of.

Maybe I just had horrible luck with the strikes, but from it’s inception, I’ve been given 4-5 free epic scents. Not THAT generous.

They’re pretty P2W imo.

With this new stat increase feature and 5/6 new hybrids requiring arena locked dna, my wallet is getting nervous.


I dont think balance will be restored when the cap is reached. Everyone will get something like 5-10 stats increase per dino, its up to you how you go about changing them. One person might pick to increase only speed, another might increase speed twice and use the rest of tries on damage or go all in on a health boost. So everything will be out of order even when everyone hits their cap.
What makes top players to be the top is that they can predict the moves, they can predict what dinos you might have based on your choices, they can predict who they are playing against based on your choices. With stats you will have no idea if you are going to win a speed tie or if you can kill certain dino in 2-3 moves, even when you know all your dino breakpoints, because every single player will choose different paths of progressing with their team. 30 seconds is not enough to adjust your strategy, i personally feel like i would need to play with a calculator or create a web app that would do all those calculations on a fly every time i see opponents stats.

I totally hope they don’t implement the stat boosting system .
But sadly I think they will .

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I wasnt hinting at it breaking anything, just that whales will ultimately dominate from the start. Even f2p players who play 24 hours cant compete unless they open their wallets. That is what we can predict. Then we will all catch up slowly and when we do then they add more tiers for the whales to swim off again haha

Plus it seems with the new changes ludia wanna limit f2p progress and increase revenue through all new hybrids are arena only dinos