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Speculation: Is the new STAT BOOSTING TO POWERFUL to be launched? Are they regretting this future?

  • looks at the fusing system
  • looks at arena glitches
  • looks at the broken chat feature
  • looks at the garbage event system
  • remembers how long it took the strike tower spawn thing to get fixed
  • literally everything Ludia does is for the almighty dollar

Yep, I can hate on Ludia and JWA just fine.


New system and Draco are equally bad / game ruiner

The only sure thing with any update is the tons of folks that think the world is ending with any change and decide it will be implemented to destroy the game. I am willing to wait and see, there isn’t enough info in the patch notes to know much of anything for sure.


This. It’s like buying an house and add some pocket money to the deal. 5 epics incubator versus 100 is definitely not generous.

It’s always nice to get one though but it can’t be compared with someone who just dropall his wallet to get unlimited supply.



So, most agree that the stat boosts are kinda neat although they will ultimately create no advantage for most except those who spend more. But that’s OK since those who spend more we’re already at the upper levels.

But here is the real question: is there an optimal way to maximize stat boosts for each individual creature, and who is best at figuring that out?

For example, you have exactly 6 boosts to use in Thor. Do you put all 6 on Attack in order to try and one-shot opponents? Do you increase speed or allow first shot and hope that the 40% Critical works out for you? Two each for speed, attack, and HP? There is an optimal spread for each opponent but since you don’t know who the opponent is then you need to make a decision.

Surely I explained wrong. I generally disagree with the measure. The only thing I wanted to indicate is that raising 10% health or strength generates imbalances that I do not like, but that will not always mean breaking the game. On the other hand, 10% of the speed (in fact, it is enough with 1%) simply breaks the game.

Got it. Just 1 speed boost makes a Utahraptor faster than a Velociraptor. It already had higher HP and Attack, so Velociraptor becomes ordinary. In fact it becomes pretty useless unless it uses all 10 speed boosts but then it can’t survive any hits.

Yeah, strategy of where boosts go is going to be key.

Thanks for good replay.

Agree. It’s hard to know what dinos to invest in.

For sure many of the uniqes is always good.

I think anyhow TRYO could be a beast with extra speed and extra health.

I think their could be some other goodies aswell…


I understand.

What’s the point of having speed on dinos if you can buy yourself thrue it?

That is a bit my comment. A creature is defined as its movements (attack, counterattack and swap) and by 6 additional features:
Critical Chance
The first two are increasing as the level is increased while the other four are independent of the levels.

The creators of the creatures have tried that the creatures are balanced and I think they have done well with some faults (for example too much difference between the unique, some Tyrant and other Apex 3, error that is partially solved in this version). For example, if they give great speed or immunity to a creature they usually take away health and damage to compensate. Creatures with great damage usually have low speed and relatively little health, etc.

If Boosting affects health or damage, what we are doing in a covert way is to level up. A level 21 creature with a health boosting of 5% and a damage boosting of 5% is exactly the same as the same level 22 creature with the only difference that in case of fighting against each other, the second will take priority. I do not like the idea because those two small boosting are almost equivalent to the hard task of increasing the level of the creature, but I think that the affectations to the game are limited because each increase of 5% of the two variables equals the creature with the one of a higher level.

If boosting affects speed, we are simply creating a different creature and breaking the design made by the creators of the creature. A 5% increase in this variable can mean the increase of many levels in the game (A TREX level 15 will win, critics apart, to a TREX of 22) and will cause some creatures to be left without the counter that the designers had created for they. Something similar would happen if someone could buy the immunity of a creature or the critical chance, for example.

Of course, it’s just an opinion.

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Thanks! :black_heart::black_heart:

My English is not that good.
But what you wrote is just what I think!

100% agree.

I’m not a fan; it minimizes the actual meaning of levels of creatures, and introduces a lot of randomness (maybe “chaos”?) into the already-flawed matching for battles. It also gives a real advantage to the “pay to win” crowd.

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At 26 my draco does 2738 damage at tier 4, thats crazy

Jes stat boost is aweful. I Dont have a clue when iam faster or not. With my erlidominus level 24 with statboosted against magna, tapt on my opponent and could See how boosted he was. Still he was starting and one shotted me. What a mess lol


How’s it going?

Is the boosting good or bad?

The price just gets higher and higher.

But in the end, this extra 64 ”special-money” could be the only way to raise your THOR (or other dino) to be great again.

64 ”special-money” is like 1000+ green money.

Tons of cash!


Maby it’s now better to use green money to boost the stats, then to buy coins to level up the dino…?

Some things scale much better with boosts then we would think… i will say this guy does some massive damage

Ive been playing with boosts on my and my kids two accounts and as i suspected immunes benefit a bunch from buffs as they cant be bleed, slowed, or distracted.

Yeah mate!


I agree with this stats are the best purchase with cash… to an extent… once you get your dinos to like tier 6/7 and you needs hundreds of boosts for upgrade the power gained per costs becomes terribly inefficient.

Metahub says it best in… you can boost 8 dinos from tier 4 to tier 5 for the same price of boosting one from tier 7 to tier 8. So you could have 8 dinos gain 12% damage each or one dino gain 3% damage.

Speed boosts are by far the most powerful. But after tier 7 their costs to rewards drops dramatics to go from tier 9 to tier 10 it costs 1024 boosts and thats for a speed increase of 2.

Just meet this.

This stats :open_mouth: