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Speculation on 1.11/ 2.0

I feel like herbivores might get a buff and some carnivores as well. Indo gen 2 has a nerf knocking on it door as well as maxima and Gemini. The :rat:could finally be exterminated and change to a good stunner. Hopefully sanctuaries will be made available in your alliance or your actual hub instead of on the map cause it annoying when you try to get a creature or tower and it’s right next to them. Hopefully they finally fix the alliance chat like dear Raptor Jesus that has been in the game for so long. Oh how I wish for more regular Dino’s And maybe some Cenozoic creatures to. Finally they should buff the spawn rates

Alliance tools (Wink wink),Wooly Mammoth, Unique superhybrid for Alankylosaurus (Woot woot!), hybrid for Majungasuchus, Legendary hybrid for Wrathomimus!!! , Superhybrid for Brontolasmus, Monomimus buff. Tiny nerf to cautious strike that then leads to a huge unnecessary buff to Indoraptor GEN2. There Im calling it now, see you in December :wink:


Lol hmm how about for Wolly and Columbian mammoth, ground sloths, short face and cave bears, titanaboa for Cenozoic. Trodon, acro, supersaurs, Shant, giganotosaur, trike gen 2, and Corythosaurus


As you can see I’m a sleep-poster. That’s what a dream looks like lol. I actually want everything except the Indoraptor buff that’s bound to happen, and I guess since we have to have cenozic we need Mammoth.

Big buff for monomumis, bronto can get a hybrid with one of the mammoths, wrath get a devastating nerf, and lol

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But honestly we’ve had alliances for almost what 2 1/2 patches and your telling me you can get the chat right ( even supercell get this right) or give leader tools or make others co- leaders

What are you asking?

Lol for better alliance tools such as a dna donation tracker so u can tell who gives the most and like they can get rewarded by the leader for it, or friendly battles that don’t crash 85% of the time.

A fantasy which I’m afraid is never gonna happen


We’ll see. I say Dec 9-10.

Hmm I guess that could work Since then We gonna hit mammoth season and then brand new year so makes sense

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Also I would want just a change to old useless abilities (thagomizer) and to make them more diverse and unique depending on each class ( stego, tyrano, raptor, etc)

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I once read a great idea somewhere here on the forum about using gyrospheres to move further away from your location… could be like scents, you would get one in supply drops and it would last 5 minutes during which you can get as far as you can

This would be a great improvement, especially if you’re at home all day and see an epic right outside your circle (happens all the time :expressionless:)

And I feel like if the next update is supposed to be big as they hyped, this could be just the thing :slightly_smiling_face:

Plus, new dinos of course, methriacantosaurus, comphsognathus and many others I can’t recollect now… if they add aquatics, it should be just that just like it was with pterosaurs… when it comes to cenozoics, woolly mammoth is just a matter of time now

When it comes to hybrids, I really want to see them do a Phorusaura and Kelenken unique hybrid, the pig needs a hybrid as well, plus some other forgotten dinos

And most of all I would like to see a HUGE migration, tired of seeing einios all the time


I hope for new creature such as wooly mammoth, deinotherium, indosuchus and maybe a few new hybrids such as a broto hybrid, dimo hybrid, and maybe another monomimus hybrid

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New hybrids and creatures would be awesome.
Better matchmaking please
Major nerf to rat and procerat
Buff to megalo, carnot, stegod, vexus, spyx, grypo, and daryx
Minor nerf to Phorusa, maxima, and cs on indo 2
Pterosaurs in sancs
A good migration would be amazing
Minor buff to Toura and Smilonemys
Better daily spawns(Do you know how hard it is to hunt rex G2?)

And to top it all off, relevant bug fixes. Not random bugs that will go unnoticed

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