Speculation: Raptors new meta relavance to defeat flyers?


Anyone want to speculate with me that Flyiers will give Raptors new relevance and the new meta will be to beef up raptors to defeat new fliers?


not impossible by any means but i believe fliers will have some sort of evasion


Good, I have delta’s dna up to my eyeballs …


exactly my thought… or maybe owens raptors will be important to a new Pterosaur hybrid???


i would doubt the owens raptors will have any hybrids although i thing indoraptor must have been made with indominus and blue not velociraptor from a lore standpoint but thats a missed oppoturnity


The last lot of new dino’s aren’t tournament ready. We just got new stuff. Currently doubting new dinosaurs will be tournament ready either. Just stuff to make and level until the coin price is too costly.

Hopefully I’m wrong.


i think they should make them underpowered to buff them later if needed but if they make them op its an issue when they dont nerf it fast enough so it dominates the arena


My thought isn’t that they would be OP, my thought is their move set might be tricky like evasive stance and having a faster dino like raptors will be an advantage over them… not knowing the new move sets from the Pterosaurs makes it difficult to speculate.


my worry is that they might have evasion as a passive effect (for%10 chance or something) which would make it un-nulify-able


Im hoping flying dinos probably have a

evasive strike 50% chance to dodge,
dodge, dive, dip.
hit n run…
they would probably be created in a ground type postion, not “flying postion”?..
have a large bird type the scales the screen like giraffititan or other longnecks. would look cool against a stigy hahaha
couple days we will see


Its hard enough as it is to get a Indoraptor . . . .


Here we see a raptor (represented by the jeep), getting his hinder handed to him by a Pterosaur.

…I don’t see a resurgence in the raptor meta being too likely.


Not correct. Indoraptor was indominus and the regular raptor. That was the whole point of Dr. Wu wanting to capture Blue. He wanted her dna to make the Indoraptor more obedient. The indoraptor we saw in the movie was just the prototype. He had plans to make more with Blues dna.


Of course i mean also increasing blue’s frequency


It may turn out that the fliers fight from the ground like in Jurassic World the Game, which would make any evasive move seem a little silly (except maybe if their relative sizes were taken into consideration). I doubt Pterasaurs were the nimblest of creatures when on the ground.


My guess is that we can customize the attributes in dinos… that would be a giant leap for ludia