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Speculations for the New Aquatic Creature

There’s a new creature. What will it be?


I hope it is a legendary reef hybrid, something to help balance out the surface hybrids that exist currently.


I do hope it’s a decent reef creature too, but if it is a hybrid then the tail resembles the Hyneria which isn’t a great start. Can’t make out any distinctive features of its head.

Edit: just realised that it is swimming through a reef, which is promising. It has no dorsal fin but large pectoral fins. Hauffiosaurus?

Well, we know for sure by looking at it it will either have a Mosasaurus animation or Liopleurodon animation. Hauffiosaurus has been released too, so this might be a hybrid.

It could be a hybrid of a pliosaur based on the head shape and possibly Hyneria based on the tail.

One day the Basilosaurus dream will be real.
One glorious day

Mosasaurus 2.0 and Hyneria.

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I want ichtyosaurus in the game

It obviously basilosaurus just look at it tail and how it looks like

I am not really sure, but is there just one row of teeth? If it is a hybrid it would contain maybe the Edestus.

I thought about that too, but if you zoom in on the picture you can see the teeth. I think that they are too small for Edestus.

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Plesiosuchus hybrid?

I think it is the Kronosaurus Hybrid.

Might be another cross between Jurassic and Aquatics?

Maybe with…


I was thinking along the same lines. That would also fit my theory that the 3-lobed tail is due to combining tails from two different creatures.

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I think an Edestus hybrid would look more terrifying tbh.

I am assuming the picture we are seeing is it’s base level design, I would agree it’s higher evolutions would look much more aggressive and different.

Yes the head does look like a Proterogyrinus.

Oh no, no Proterogyrinus! Don’t waste this amphibian at an aquatic hybrid. It could be a great component for an amphibian hybrid that we need so much! I just hope your prediction to be wrong, because I don’t like the idea of using the valuable (and also beautiful for me) amphibians left for something not amphibian.
I hope this to be a hybrid of Mosausurus gen 2 , they added it for some reason …


Tournament hybrids usually come out at the same time as a tournament for the part needed to create said hybrid. So if it is a Proterogyrinus hybrid, we should see a tournament for it soon

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