Speed and indominus


Does Indominus speed change as it levels up? Battled a guy with a lvl 20 indo and his was faster than my Stegodeus, but my lvl 17 indominus was slower than his same lvl Stegodeus. I used Stegodeus 1st vs his indo, so there was no speed decrease on mine.


They got same speed so it’s whoever selects first pretty sure stealth Nerf cause I swear Indom was faster than stegod before tournament update


She was not. They’ve had the same speed for some time now. Indom actually used to be slower with a speed of 106, but was buffed several weeks ago.


Ah OK. Thanks for clarifying I guess mine didn’t get picked enough to know :joy:


Higher level is faster, you’re indominus that was the same level as a stegodeus went first because you picked your attack first.


Yeah I spam attack button before it appears just by habit from raptor meta days lol relying on battle experience to select the best move for the current situation before the buttons animate is key for this to work


Lol me too. I usually spam my stegocera or velociraptor when it first goes out so that I’ll attack first.