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Speed Based on Level Progression (Speed tie breaker)

As a way to lessen the speed ties, make it so the creature that goes first, when the same level and speed, is based on progression to the next level. Also it counts toward who goes first if your past the ability to level.

Speed calculation is progression / DNA needed (255/300 = 0.85 or 85%).

Example 1:
Spinonyx would be faster than Dilophoboa because Spinonyx is farther into level 20.
Example 1A

Example 2:
Smilonemys would be faster than Testacornibus as Smilonemys has more DNA into the next level.
(250/100 = 2.50) compared to (100/100 = 1.00)
Example 2a

This can also be played into friendly battles and in tournaments with no boost, including where all creatures set to level 26.

Example 3:
In a friendly battle between my two accounts or in a tournament set to level 26, the level 21 Ardentis would be faster than the level 29 Ardentis (1396/100 = 13.96) vs (55/750 = 0.07). Yea, I could cry foul about why my level 29 Ardentis is slower than my level 21. It’s not fair. They should account for level also in friendly or level 26 tournaments and that’s a thought and consideration. But the point is to lessen speed ties and this would work.

I just wanted to clearly set this idea if by some small chance it might be seen by the game programmers.


None of that would make sense,

Same level, one closer than other
Same level, one has more dna
Different level, lower level faster.

:man_shrugging: you’re making no sense.

For the skill tournaments they could add the DNA required to reach each level to the progression into the next level, that way the higher level creature would always be faster (unless the lower level creature had collected more DNA, but just didn’t level up).

This is a simple sensible way to lessen the speed ties between the same level creatures with the same speed. The creatures with the most progression goes first rather than the fastest person to hit an attack or person with the fastest fiber optic giga-speed internet.

I usually win the speed ties. I’ve a 100GB modem and 50Gb speed internet, living in the Chicago area and approximately 550 miles from Toronto. Every micro-second counts so I hit the attack as fast as it pops up or even tapping on the spot before it comes up. I’m get a little competitive.

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I could really hear the complaints on the forum here when my 2nd account Ardentis at level 21 is faster than my opponents Ardentis at level 26. I have enough DNA to level my Ardentis to level 27. That would be interesting way to be faster than the same creature or creature with the same speed.

Sorry if I’m being mean, I’m just being me.

No offense

This might actually be my favorite solution to speed ties that I’ve seen so far, but I do think net DNA would be better than percentages. So they would basically add up all the DNA that went into leveling the creature to the point that it is. Doing this solves the problem of lower level creatures going faster if they have a higher percentage. So for finding the value for a level 25 Maxima that’s 200 dna into the next level, it’s score would be 200 + the 700 DNA required to level from 21 to 25. In skill tournaments, a level 21 Maxima with 1000 DNA in the bank would be faster, but the player got more DNA for it in the long run, so that’s fair in my book. Ludia might not like players leaving their tournament-only dinos at base level, not paying to evolve them, though. And the hierarchy of tiebreakers would be speed > level > rarity, and then DNA, so if it got to this point the dinos would have to already be the same rarity (so that they have the same starting point when it comes to DNA gained). And in non-skill tournaments and arena, level is considered first, so there would be no cases of lower levels being faster there, no matter how much DNA the lower level dino had. The only problem with this system (and the percentage one too) is that once you get enough DNA to level up, you can’t fuse more DNA for hybrids anymore, so it would be down to who got the luckier last fuse. To solve this, Ludia would have to let you keep fusing after you reach the amount required for the next level. But this would give endgame incentive to keep collecting DNA for hybrids you already have at level 30, so that’s another win in my book. I guess the other problem would be that anything that isnt a superhybrid would have had it’s DNA spent at some point, so they would either have to keep track of the total DNA ever held by a creature (which they unfortunately probably haven’t been doing so far, making this impossible to really use), or just rely on whatever DNA you currently have for the last level obtained (no matter how much you had in the past). Like @Qiew said, they would also need a way to display total DNA gained in order for players to determine who would go first (though the speed icon being over one particular would make that more obvious). It still might not be perfect, but it’s better than what we have now.

without any way to know what your opponent’s dna progress is, many would think the system is broken or call foul when their creature that clearly has the higher level is somehow slower than a lower level creature. I think the dna progress as a tiebreaker can work, but it has to be A. the last part of the tie breaker and B. the progress needs to be displayed somehow so both players can see it.


Weren’t boost supposed to fix tie breakers.

Yeah boosts do usually fix tiebreakers in arena, but in skill tournaments where there’s a) a limited pool of creatures, and an even smaller group of the best ones to use b) no boosts and c) everything is set to the same level, you run into speed ties much more frequently. I rarely have them in arena though.

Tie breakers, hmm. Unlimited lvls?
So the one with the lower lvl will be slower?.

I’m mean, 1 mil health ardent is kinda weird to think about.