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Speed Boost availability - abuse or not?

Hi guys, I just had a battle with someone who had a 30 Trago, speed boost tier 7, a 27 Tryo, speed boost tier 7, a 30 Suchotator, speed boost tier 6, and an 29 Indoraptor, speed boost tier 7. Miraculously, I managed to win…but is that even possible? Have there been that many speed boosts available, even if every one was bought? They have a 30 Thor and Procera in their team too, so you can guarantee there has been some speed spent on those too…

I’ve bought most speed boosts available, I’ve also completed my battle incubator every day as well as completing the strikes. I’ve used/wasted 94 speed boosts on dinos that are no longer in my team, but I’ve only managed to speed boost one strike team dino to tier 7. 5 others are tier 6, and the tryko and draco are speed 2 and 4 respectively.

I just wondered if there were people out there able to exploit this already irritating as it is boost system, or whether I’m just up against massive spenders!!!..what do you guys think?

Yeah irritating I don’t care about hp and attack boost, but speed boosts make it the worst.


Speed boosts are pathetic how a freacking t-rex with idk maybe around 7-8 tones can be faster then a velociraptor wich have idk 100kg? That doesnt make any sence…low speed was what keeped chompers in check now they “fly” and are able wipe out a entire team
Ridiculous,total fail from Lydia


Well to be fair, nothing about this game makes logical sense, dinos in this day and age, being darted, harvested and then fighting against each other! ha! But yeah, I agree - speed boosts are a joke. Speed is what makes it a balanced game. HP and Attack is fair enough, if you get hit hard, so be it, but to have a huge Thor outspeed all your nimble creatures is crazy…


I have 2 tier 8, 1 tier 7 and like 100 speed boosts on hand, so it’s definitely possible.

That said, I know for a fact not all boosts from the last unlimited boost glitch were rolled back, so someone out there might have pretty much any amount of speed boosts. 2 packs of boosts (x25) weren’t rolled back for me even though I asked them to, but it was hp boosts in my case.


yes, and yes.

There were times when it was exploitable, it affected only a small percentage of people and it was seen as a non-issue. There was also a time it was an issue and boosts were recalled.

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Ahhh I see, well if that’s the case - so be it. But wow! 2 tier 8 - monsters!!! ha! Well thanks for clearing that up - I wasn’t sure whether there were still cheaters out there. However, if it’s a glitch on Ludia’s part and they haven’t cleared it up, that’s on them and unfortunately some players will be in positions that they’ve paid for rather than earned. Hopefully, we’ll be able to redistribute boosts in 1.9. I feel sorry for all the players in the lower arenas boosting their epics and legendaries, they’ll have nothing left for their uniques - it’s totally took away the excitement of getting your first one. It won’t be able to get in your team!

As much as I don’t like having to pay for things, it would be a good idea for Ludia to sell a “Boost Redistribution Module” for say 500 cash. When you’re about to buy it, it shows all the boosts you’ve got next to each dino, and totals them at the bottom so you can be happy you’re not being conned. You click Confirm to buy and then your boosts go into the pot again.


Yeah, I remember that and I liked they addressed it. Thor’s were insane!!!

Haha! Totally agreed!! Well if it’s possible, then fair enough - I just wasn’t sure there were enough available boosts to do that. Thankfully, I had the massive satisfaction seeing my Tryko rampage through his cloaked Indo for the win. :smiley:

That’s why I feel lucky to have played this game from the beginning, before boosts and swap in dsr changed this game’s landscape forever, and changes I’m afraid it is unable to recover from. I still remember the tingling sensations after winning a epic tower by the skin of my teeth. And goin to forum to discuss battle strategies and post hard fought(or sometimes lucky) victories. Man I miss those times, even seasons reward felt more satisfying(epic incs), at least for me.


Yes, I know exactly how you feel. Epic towers just are not the same at all. Thor or Magna obliterates everything without even having to think about it. I used to watch Pocemon videos and others to see what strategies to use, and take a deep breath before going into one. They could at least remove boosts for strike events to make them a bit more exciting, it’s not hard, they can do it for friendlies and tournaments easily enough.

I started last Summer and dreamed of getting in the top 500 and mixing it with the big boys. Sadly, just as I broke into the top 500, boost arrived and those guys above with level 30s of everything and cash and coins sitting there doing nothing, just boosted their creatures to high heavens leaving no hope of ever getting to the top of the pile…it’s still fun, but nowhere near the same. Ludia seem to have the end in sight and are milking it for as much as possible before they run out of ideas…here’s hopeful 1.9 surprises us all for the better!


Ive also heard of support giving out boosts as a way to appease people who have had issues with the game as well… between that and not everyone getting rolled back after that last glitch its kinda hard to tell where someone “should” be.

It’s sad that Ludia doesn’t understand the fundamental concept of any competitive game: equal opportunities for all. Could have been a really good competitive game even with all the bugs (except the ones favoring one player over another).


Boosts were not recalled as a result of misuse or abuse. They were recalled because they changed the way speed boosts worked (values were cut in half). As far as abuse of purchasing, yeah that happened.

Six of one, half a dozen of the other.