Speed boost distribution advice

Since it seems boosts are here to stay, I wanted to get the JWA community’s opinion/advice.

I have 277 speed I’ve saved up for awhile now. My intention was to boost my Thoro to tier 8 at 150.

Now that I’m there I’m hesitant. I can use that same 277 on 4 other dinos that I could take from tier 5 to tier 6 including my tryk, dracoceratops and procerathomimus.

I’m torn because a Thoro at 150 speed would be a beast to lead off with at trophy level 4300.

Thank for your input in advance!

imo there is a good chance you can win a speed race with another Thor, if yours is 150, can even win against a tier 5 erli.
Would advice against spending on DC, has a feeling a second nerf is coming in next patch.
Has not seen too many high speed trykos running around (battling in high aviary, occasionally dropping by lockwood library), perhaps that tells you something, so not too keen on tryko either.
I don’t play procera in my team, but boosting its speed seems ok for me, you are just playing to its strength.

Thanks for the input!

Anyone else have any input?

I would hold off stacking higher than tier 5/6 until match making changes / next update. Spreading speed around all your faster dinos is probably the safer option in the long term, can you wait until then?

While the T8 might pay off, and it might be awesome in 3 months time, if the game changes you can’t unspend the T8.

I wouldn’t bother speeding up the tryk, I’'d focus on making my fast dinos faster.

(I’m 4.7k - 5k atm)

I wouldn’t waste the boosts on Thor or Draco. I have a feeling Thor and Draco are going to get a nerf in next update.

I have lvl 29 procera boosted to level 6 speed and it’s a monster. Takes out Thor, Magna, and even Tryko/diorajasaur if opponent swaps in after 1st move.

I’ve evenly distributed my boosts amongst all my team Dinos so that’s only advice I would give to you.

The dinos themselves are fine (except dracocera). Its the boosts that make them outrageous. If they nerf something cuz of how it is when you boost it, theres a problem

Thor wasnt an issue before boosts. It was a good hole puncher, but it died quick. Now when boosts were introduced, it went from great to absolute God in the arena

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In my mind I look at things this way -

Do you want a chance to win any battle you enter with any team that’s chosen?


Do you want to lose every battle in which you don’t have your thor?

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yolo. boost thor

There’s a reason most of the insanely boosted Thor’s are in Lockwood. I’m at Gyrosphere level (5500+ trophies) and for the most part, I come up against evenly boosted teams. Rarely see a Thor above 135 speed (though lots of lvl 29 and 30 with 135 speed and attack/health boosted as well).

As someone mentioned above, you’ll want to put your speed boosts into faster Dinos because in upper levels it’s not uncommon to see lvl 6-7 speed boosted Utarinex, Eliridom, Magna, etc.