Speed boost idea

I have an idea for speed boosts. Make it so there is a cap on all boosts. I’ll use Thor as an example because everyone seems to have a problem with it. I’ve seen Thor’s with 150 speed, that should never be allowed. I don’t even remember what his normal speed is but they need to cap it at let’s just say 120, he’d still be faster than some but not so fast that he can just decimate an entire team. Attack and health boosts should also have caps so as not to create pandemonium in the arenas. What are everyone’s thoughts on this, ideas or suggestions to add. Btw I don’t play anymore but still follow the forum to see if improvements have been made so I can return.


There is a cap . Only so many tiers. Is this what you mean? LoL you can only go so far with boosts. Besides the cost at tier 8+ is insane amounts of boosts required

Not at all. Your missing the point completely.

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Can you elaborate on the point?
Currently all fast dinos with equally speed boosting will outspeed a rather slow 150 Thor. Moving the caps will effect all dinos to the same out come.


I had the same idea

So what am I missing? LOL :joy: if a dinos faster then yours then boost to make it stronger and faster. There’s still a strategy . Yea boosts suck but you have to get use to them they aren’t going anywheres anytime soon if at all. I know I get frustrated but now it’s mostly bugs/Glitches that drive me bonkers !

By the way Thor’s speed at 150 is tier 8 and there’s probably not many at that tier unless someone’s dumping all their speed into that 1 dino for the most part . Tier 8 alone is 256 boost cost then add all the other tiers with that …


Just for reference this is JWA Field Guide app . If you wanna know his normal speed use that lol also it shows you optional counters and boosts costs , loadouts ect… I think a lot use this app .


Oh man why didn’t I think of that. Let me just poop out a bunch of money for boosts. What I’m saying in general are cap it lower, a Thor should not be able to have 150 speed it’s max speed at the highest tier should only be 120 for example. Yes it will affect other dinos but that’s the point. Boosts were a bad idea to begin with. All I’m saying is a Thor or a rat or even an apatosaurus should never be able to out speed a dino that’s naturally faster. Yes I understand boosts are add ons to give an advantage, but it completely unbalanced the game from the get go. Ludia realized their mistake and did a reset, but then they just kept messing it up by giving everyone free money and free boosts. I also understand that one should take advantage of this ability but it just makes the game boring like others have stated. Seeing the same dinos with the same boosts over and over again is ridiculous. I battled a trex at level 15 that was so boosted it made Thor look like a child. They need to re work the tiers lower if they want to keep boosts.

This is why you boost something that is faster that can counter it. The boosts will even out more once we all hit around tier 7 or 8 with everything.

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That would work for someone who pays to play but for those who don’t it makes it frustrating and boring. Before boosts I relied on skill not that has gone out the window.

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Hey all, a small reminder that we truly appreciate civilized discussions on our forums.

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I totally think boosts have ruined the game. Just trying to work with what ludia has givin us right now for old times sake

I felt the amount of the boosts was too high.

What if Speed Caps were set to no more than 10% of a dinosaur’s base speed? If you have a dinosaur with a 110 Speed the highest you could boost it to would be 121. Currently a 110 Speed dinosaur can be boosted to 160.

The max amount that Health and Damage can be boosted should be cut by at least 50% as well.

It should be enough to sway a battle or give a slight advantage. Not make an indomitable dinosaur.

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It’s kinda a pay to play game.
Skill does not play a significant factor.
It’s odd’s manipulation/management.
Paying weighs the odds in your favor.
If you’re trying to figure out how to beat a 150 speed Thor without paying for boosts, there is no way to do so.
You need to reevaluate your expectations of the game.


What would the point be of capping Thor you would then have to cap them all. What’s the point of boosts with 3-4 tiers. Either get rid of them all together or stay where it’s at. You Do remember they have already capped/adjusted the boosts since release It’s a pay game and you can get boosts free also.

It could be worse. :cry::cry::cry:

Personally I buy every boost it’s just my way of playing and I’m still not in the top 500 anymore but what can you do but adjust.

Personally again I don’t like boosts but it’s how the game is played now.



Some of us are not made of money. You get 3 boosts for free from daily battle incubators, which are now harder to complete since everyone is fielding Thor and rat. Your not saying anything useful that hasn’t already been said. Good job.

Don’t know what your expecting to be said ? You get 3 boosts with 4 in each per day. If you don’t want to pay that’s your choice and just because you don’t wanna pay doesn’t mean boosts need to be adjusted. It’s like someone complaining I do not having enough coin to level their dino -your giving free coin daily if you don’t want to purchase .

They are simple to get free. Plus they have boost towers on map every week. Actually more this week.

It’s always gonna be a pay to win game really.

Anyways done on this topic. Best of luck .

DinoLord out!

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I agree. Maybe a 20-25% cap would be better than the free for all we are now experiencing. I really don’t care what my trophy count is and I just won’t let it stress me. The joy is in the game itself. I feel sorry for those who feel they have to win at all costs. What fun is it when you get all the way to the top and no longer have any competition?