Speed boost question

I joined JWA a year ago when boosts were already a thing. I could see speed boosts if speed increased with levels but it doesn’t how could this have been a good idea.

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Yup,speed boost is still an issue.
And we still don’t know if the devs are working on it.

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Speed boosts were and still are without doubt the worst idea Ludia ever made. It’s difficult to make a game with such enormous potential bad, yet somehow Ludia did


I remember after the introduction of all boosts,metahub found in the code, armor boosts and critical boosts.

needless to say, that would have signed the end of the game.
Even if speed boost have done the biggest damage in this video game.

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Without doubt it would end JWA. Though introducing speed boosts was a slow death too. Number of players playing on Samsung phones (it’s the only data that I have) was never higher than in 1.6 . It started falling just after 1.7 launched.