Speed Boosting Kills but Priority is Faster

So playing a 1st strike priority team has me up 400 trophy’s to where this unboosted team is now finding its place in the pecking order at about 4850.

I look at the teams I play against as I’m climbing and finding that the higher I go the generally more boosted my opponents are in speed… and the other two stats. What is holding me back now isn’t speed but lack of damage and/or health.

What I’m finding is there is no way up and out of Avairy without a well speed boosted team along with the other two stats. This priority team got me up a ways but it’s not enough to be the fastest. Priority creatures will definitely help on a team but they aren’t the end-all that is going to get you to the top. This team doesn’t kill or break the game (including Ref). I did meet my match which was quite a highly boosted team that had creatures with a good amount of health and damage. For having a totally non-boosted team, that makes me feel good it took such a highly boosted team to take me out.


Ok so why are you saying its not end all be all? If you are unboosted and you are fighting high boosted teams and you are only lacking damage to win then all that means is once you boost to the same boosts minus speed as the enemy you start winning again. Your conclusion makes no sense.

I’m going to say, IF, and a big IF someone made these and grew them all to level 30, maxed the damage and health on all, not adding anything to speed, you would most likely get to the top arena. Being able to attack first when needed is a major factor to winning. That’s what I’m finding playing this team.

Looking at those I’m playing against, I’m out speeding creatures speed boosted into the 140’s as priority attacks nullify speed boosts. If speed boosts are scissors, priority is the rock that smashes the scissors.

I have too many creatures to play to boost them all so I don’t boost anything much except when I need the extra whatever to beat raid bosses.
My goal isn’t to get to the top. I’m just playing for fun and this is just messing around.

I played several more battles since this original post and I’m hanging around 4850. This team found its place in the pecking order. I’m at 4874, basically won, lost, lost, won and won. I was also trying out my shinny new Allodrigues.