Speed boosts are the worst

The worst part of boosts are speed boost. Getting outspeed by something you shouldn’t be outspeed by it’s just stupid, there is no balance in that. The speed system is there for a reason and that reason is far gone.
I wish there’ll be a update were the speed boosts are no longer a thing… but guess what… it’s never gonna happen.


Full ack. Boosts are okay but not for speed. Refund all speedboosts to green cash or other boosts.

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Since day one of boosts so many of us have been saying the same thing.

Sadly when Ludia launched boosts it was with the logo ‘Ever wanted a TRex to be as fast as a Velociraptor?’ So they clearly designed them to ruin any balance in the game.

So there is not a chance they will be getting rid of them,


They get rid of speed boosts and within a week people will be saying that damage boosts are breaking the game. Speed are the most obvious, but they all have the same effect.

Just get rid of them all as a bad experiment.

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May not work for everyone, but I have adjusted my mindset with regards to endgame dinos. For me endgame dinos means lvl30 + max boosted, at least when it comes to arena battling.