Speed Boosts have ruined the game

**I’m stuck in Sorna Marshes, I am obviously active and a daily player but am unable to advance anymore. It’s discouraging, unbalanced and literally going to cause me to uninstall the game.

I have a decent team but going up against over boosted by speed lineups completely makes this game not fun. Have a Utahraptor sweet, 135 speed cool the opponent 138.

This game has become who has the fastest overboosted dino, not one of strategy (Draco) or actual battles. If 1.9 doesn’t change this and many other things I’m out.

There is no reason that I can’t regain 500 trophies after losing them but that’s exactly what is the case.

** I canceled my VIP last month and Apple refunded me my entire purchase history due to the 1.8 update. **


We know. Sadly it is the way of the (Jurassic) world.

Curious what line you had to take with Apple to get the refund though; I’ve been as disappointed as well.


You and literally thousands of other players!
The list of reasons are numerous, not just the boosts.
The rat, matchmaking, and the latest being a completely unfair event in Montreal that rewards those who are there with thousands of coins and numerous opportunities to dart great dinos. This is literally only available there, nowhere else in the world, and that is just another example of Ludia shocking bias.


I explained in detail the multiple bugs and glitches and how those not being corrected plus the promise of fairer matching of PvP is affecting not only balance and the promise of it. But also the retroactive changes caused and effected by the implementation of boosts and the lack of complete transparency.

Because this was in fact the only app I ever asked a refund from, I was refunded immediately and in full. I wrote more to customer support at Apple but that was the general premise.


Here’s hoping in the 1.9…

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I’m hearing a lot of people who are turning to Apple/Google for refunds. Makes me wonder how much they’ve lost because of it…


Speed boosts have finally made we all see same kind of teams everywhere.

Only strategy is having your Thor Max boosted along with Dracoceratops.

Unbalanced uniques. What was the point of creating Touramoloch? Now it is useless unless you boost it infinitely. Mine is level 23 and seriously, It’s been replaced with my Edmontoguana.

Big big problem of evassion and SIA with Quetzorion and others with same ability. 100% is 100% it’s not the 33% of attack… Mainly because it is not functional and any attacker with DSR loaded can destroy you.

Useless unique birds…
Abuse of Draco… I can usually handle it with Zor Purrutaurus and Edmontoguana… But it is sometimes desperating… And it is not DC problem itself it is boost system that crashed everything.

It is obviously Anti tank meta in which DSR abilities have taken first options for users.

Interesting dinosaurs such as Ardenstamaxima (or whatever is spelled), gemititan… And they are almost impossible to create… Imagine upgrading to level 23/25 and boost… People prefer to keep over boosting the same dinos.

Evassion dinos are dead.
Pure tanks are dead.
Pure Counter attackers are still kind of worthy but very situational.
Chompers meta thanks to abusive speed boost.

Hey, my Thor is 143 speed level 25 killing 28 Thors, magnas, chickens… It is not serious having a Chomper faster than these kind of dinos.

Maybe something such as Power Rangers Legacy Wars in which you can upgrade your fighters abilities, health, attack… But max level for them are like this.

Common fighter: max level possible 15
Rare fighter: 11
Epic fighter : 8
Legendary: 5

It is not exact but reflects my thoughts. Common attackers are still effective with some abilities limitations but can still compete with Legendaries depending on level.

Don’t know… It is only. My humble opinion…


I got money back from Apple aswell.

Haven’t spend a coin on the game since boost-introduction.


I refuse to pay 2 times more money for same dinos.
First coins, then boost, no thanks.

And variation in the arena - Zero.

Sum up; They know, and don’t care.


I knew Boost were a problem the day they released them. I’ve never boosted anything and I won’t.

Speed boost is for sure the main issue. Then you have the energizer Thor that just keeps going and going and going. It’s almost always the faster dino. Then it 1 shots you. Then it instant charges or one shots you. Then it does the move it didn’t do and your team is done. If not dracoceratops comes in to clean up.

Arenas are boring and just the same teams all day. I’ve taken my Thor out of my team even though it’s a higher level than a few by one level. I also refuse to use Dracoceratops.

I still get some wins and they’re satisfying knowing I didn’t use the 2 easy win dinos or boost.


I heavily agree. Tanks (aside from Tryko and Dio) are worthless, Most counter attackers (aside from Dio, Tryko, and Grypo) are worthless. The rat is out of control. Chompers are rampant. The only actually good evasive dino is Erlidom (Zor’s only good for stopping Erlidom and beating the other 129 speedsters). The only creatures worth using now are Rinex, Erlidom, Tryko, Dio, Monosteg, Grypo, Magna, Spyx, and God forbid the Rat and Thoradolosaur

Honestly, the hp and attack boosts arent too bad. Its the speed boosts that broke the meta. You may have a ton of hp and attack, but if you dont move first and die before using them, whats the point?

In my opinion, if they remove speed boosts (or nerf it so much to where its not the deciding factor of every freaking game), rework the matchmaking back to the one in 1.6, and remove swap in rampage, we would have THE most balanced arena yet


Not true!! You could also be in LA or Florida :wink:

Boosts need to be removed and the arena should go back to tank meta. Enough with the overrated Thor and Rat meta. Let’s Make Arena Diverse Again!!


Okay - let’s be real here… if boosts were implemented properly it would have, could have introduced a lot of tremendous diversity (insert my dino-rainbow flag here). Unfortunately Ludia lacks the ability to… what is that word? Oh right, PLAN! So, here we are, stuck in this sorry state, eating Borscht and watching reruns of Manimal. Sigh… A sorry state indeed…

C’mon reply already! What’s taking so long?

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the 2 proofs that speed boost shouldn’t exist:

  1. first version was so apocalyptic that ludia nerfed speed tiers when rooled back.

  2. speed doesn’t level up when you level up a dino. because it’s strategically designed by game logic people.

if ludia wants to keep boosts, should keep only health and attack, the 2 things that get upgraded when you level up a creature.



Good to see you again @AndreMR, been a while. I am sure I will be banned by Ludia soon, but nice to see some old friends in the meantime :slight_smile:

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I think the arena would have been very balanced without the boosts. I also think that the arena would have been very diverse without the boosts instead of the Thor and Rat No Strat Cheapshot Extravaganza. Granted if it was just health and attack boosts without the speed, it would be a better compromise.

Boosts were implemented by the sudden embrace of greed. Boosts were implemented to milk people of their money. I personally will never spend a red cent on this game or any game because I know it is a luxury and not a priority. It can be uninstalled with the tap of a button. I refuse to spend money on boosts and packs.


There is no such thing as balance in the arena anymore, it was easier for Lydia not to bother tweaking individuals dinosaur stats each patch and more profitable to just add boosts.

For the record Speed boost is the one that totally unbalanced things.

The arena will never again be in a balanced state so long as speed boosts exist. Sadly, they don’t care.

Money talks, but players walk!

Oh and to lighten the stress on you, take a look at these videos, should give you a chuckle hopefully lol

I going to making these as a way to hopefully lower some of the player stress due to arena!


Episode #1

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It is a really big problem to have so hardly invested a lot of time to dart, just to see how your team is defeated by lower-effort teams.

Yeah, I also boosted my team just to keep up with missions and incubators with my alliance but just thinking of redoing team again… Really boring meta.

I would like Ludia reworked this properly.
I was working on Purrutaurus and then on Carnotarkus. Both have lot of possibilities but in this meta if they are unboosted… Possibilities are null.

Just delete speed boost or keep them but make it impossible that original speed tiers are broken:

Tanks with similar speed to chompers. Always.
Velos, birds and fast dinos must keep the faster ones.

Ok you can speed boost your Thor just to compete against other Thor. But it will never be as fast or faster than a magna, erlidominus, suchotator…


Just scrap boosts and have done with it.

Yes there would be an outcry on here, but just as many people celebrating the decision.

Yes some people would quit the game, but more would be enticed back, and back to VIP.

It was a bad idea, badly executed. Accept it. Fix it. Move on.