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Speed boosts should be removed RIGHT NOW

Your new boost system is a scam. You said it would encourage leveling up your dinos instead of boosting them. What a joke. I was top 250 of the game and now Im losing to this. You never saw level 26 Magnas on Gyrosphere depot before, they were all at least level 28. Now I guess a level 26 one can be faster than my level 29 Erlidom. Because levels don’t matter anymore.

But I guess game balance doesn’t mean anything to Ludia. The game is AT ITS WORST.

Oh this is a good one. A level 27 Tryostronyx outspeeding my max level Indoraptor and the rest of my max level Unique team. Precious

Your game is horrendous at the moment. You either bring back the old boost system with a nerf to its stats or you remove speed boosts. Because this is unbearable


I got one more:


Don’t forget about my baby.


Ankyloco is a tough one. I wonder if they’ll give it a legendary, and how strong that would be.

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This game is a joke as you said. I feel that reset made things a lot worse than they were before as now I lose to players with dinos level 24-26 but with speed 150+. All my dinos are level 28-29 and also boosted. I will see how it’s going to be in coming weeks and if it doesn’t change I will stop playing for sure.


The game is horrendous. I was top 250 and now I almost out of Gyrosphere depot due to this crap


I will be out of it soon too.


I had 5888 trophies but after update I am at 5400 barely … and really was finding level 24 to 27 creatures everytime but boosted like crazy … 149 speed Erlikodom, 152 speed magna, 153 speed procera, 2100+ damage and 4K+ hp dracoceratops etc …


I was top 250 and ny dinos are almost all max level, and Im losing to this. And Im almost out of Gyrosphere

The whole boost system is garbage. Before boosts dinos were (kinda) well thought out and balanced. When you mess with stats it throws the whole balance of the game off. Boosts are a really poor game decision and should be removed. Unfortunately they will not be removed but they need to be fixed ASAP. Speed should be a 1 point increase.


Waahhh :sob::sob::sob::sob::sob:

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Speed boosts should be removed. I don’t care about damage and HP boosts as much. Speed ruins everything

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Really hope it gets a hybrid, and abt time too. I always looked forward to its hybrid in new patches, but has been disappointed so far. Has stored quite a good amount of this dino’s ingredients, fingers crossed whichever dino it fuses with, i hope to have tons too :laughing:

Only 1 problem :bangbang:

When everyone got all their boosts back from old dinos


All new boosts to use on SPECIFIC dinos


Someone wanted it fused with Marsupial Lion. I’d agree, but I’d like to see it called Thylakodiak since it would likely look like a bear. Thylacotator almost looks like one, but more like a giant cat.

Sadly I can never see boosts being removed. The problem is people have paid actual money and In game money for them. Can you imagine how many people would be complaining and probably threatening to sue for losing something they paid real money for? People would be getting refunds from Apple and google left and right. Ludia’s hands are tied with boosts because of spending. I agree speed does ruin it because it removes strategy and balance. I don’t see boosts going anywhere though.

This will balance out after a while, especially at the high levels due to the caps. Right now you are seeing a lot of people throwing all their speed boosts into one Dino. This is just like after boost came out and there where 166 speed Thor’s within a few days.

I didn’t even want to battle when it was first introduced. You had these steroid crazed Thor racing around curb stomping everything in sight.

At least with it toned down you see less of that, would take someone at least 10 tiers of boosts to get Thor to the base speed of its usual counters. And if you do that you will probably lose to it’s counters anyway while crippling your team from lack of speed.

Not for a long time. I spent a good amount on boosts and my team was all 7-7-(3-7) before the update.Now my team averages 10 boosts per dino. So my team of full level 30’s wont be seeing 30 boosts for over a year and a half.