Speed buff for T- rex, please

in jurassic park, T-rex can run 50km/h.

but in this game, t-rex is so bloody slow.

I know rexys are heavy tank busters and can’t
outfast other creatures(cause of balance),
but not like this.

I think t-rex can have 112 speed…
(also indominus and over-slowed creatures)
how do you think about this?

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T-Rex is flipping slow in this game when you are battling, but when you are darting her, she suddenly magically regained the speed she had :laughing:


god like speed when it shot by darts…


If Rex is running in a straight line, yes it can be fast… but I think of the “speed” stat more as reaction/battle speed, not running speed.

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Rex doesn’t want to be fed, she wants to HUNT. I say let her.


well… did you saw jurassic world’s dino battles?

rexy was slower than raptors…
but faster than we thought.

and, you just said about reaction
or battle speed…

but brachiosaurus(heaviest creature in
jurassic series) have 110 speed.

you or ludia need to explain about that, though.

Don’t forget t rex in the movie also has stealth, through out the first movie her appearance was foreshadowed by the ground vibrating/puddles/cups of water, and then in the final scene bursts through a wall out of no where😂
insert sgt doakes meme here


Not exactly stealth in the way we commonly percieve it, but rather walking on tippy-toes.


Taking the in-game movesets out of it, all a Brachi would have to do, due to its size and weight, would really be move to pose a threat. A little shimmy to the side, a kick, a wag of its tail, or god forbid it falls on something lol. Makes sense that it’d have faster battle/reaction speed as I interpret it.

O M G.
Doakes got me rolling!!!

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I would insert it but i imagine it would be ban worthy
And now im really tempted to do it😂

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Brachiosaur (B. Altithorax) skeletons are built a lot lighter than we once thought. Lots of air sacs and hollows in the vertebrae, the skull is lightly built, and it could probably move at a decent clip out in the open when it had to.

The front legs were longer than in the back, and built heavily enough to support the weight of the animal (they also weren’t splayed outward like you see in older reconstructions). This thing could probably run more like a modern day giraffe. Only much bigger.

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I don’t know that it needs to be faster. I’d just like the T Rex to get some more health so that it can survive a bit longer.

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T-Rex shld hv a new swap in move:
Fear - graphics ground tremble
Opponent stunned for 2 turns

Like the death halo for Stegoceratops? :laughing:

Exactly! :joy::rofl:

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Anyone else see what’s wrong here?


It really does need a speed buff
Even level 7 Gen 2 T-rex can kill a level 13 Epic T-rex & many rare herbivores could kill it quite easily too although its supposed an OP damage tank-counter

I also think Indominus could get more speed. I mean, she‘s a superhybrid in the movie, aggressive, intelligent and pretty fast.
Also, she‘s part Velociraptor. I don‘t understand why she has to be that slow. Yeah okay, she‘s making much damage. But she cannot break shields.
So I think a higher speed lvl wouldn‘t be bad.

Well, what you can do is play a dinosaur which uses thagomizer before it’s killed, then bring in T-rex. The T-rex will be faster.