Speed buff for T- rex, please

pretty sad as well that an allosaurus of an equal level will beat a trex every time. Allo needs a major debuff and rex being the signature dinosaur of Jurassic park should have more speed and and more health. I see the points with indominous but what I don’t understand mainly is why indominous doesn’t have any inherited abilities from either raptor or trex just random armour attacks. Also never made sense to me how blue, Charlie etc are all velociraptors and should be stronger than a normal raptor in every way and at least the comparable speed, yet some how being speciality Raptors has made them more useless than the common raptor… poor execution

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Gally at level 16 can take down a Gen2 Rex by itself. Found this out as the result of a Fierce Creatures tower experiment. It’s kinda depressing when you look at it from the Rex’s POV - I mean, here this guy is, rocking the top of the food chain, TOTAL apex predator… and suddenly this little brown ostrich thing comes over and viciously slams him around the room, while dodging every single attack the Rex makes.

That’s the kind of thing that can land our Rex on the psychotherapist’s couch. LOL