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Speed buffs shouldn't stack


Holey bejeebus, Ceramagnus is so OP, and I hate running into these things. I know this is an Apex, but it’s really not fair. Group Accel. should have a longer cooldown to prevent stacking.

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I like your team, I miss using utasino and tryo. but yeah it’s annoying but i stopped doing pvp battles so idk how it’s like now

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Group accel is useful in raids with Tuora so no, don’t go messing about with it.


To me, by this logic, any additional effect shouldn’t stack. Speed decrease, attack modifiers etc.

My issue is why the hell Ceramagnus has that move in the first place. I’d personally give it accelerating impact


When you want a whole widely used game mechanic nerfed because of one creature :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Yeah not really an issue with stacking, but Magnus shouldn’t have that move at all. It really doesn’t need it. Otherwise stacking speed (e.g. with Minimal Speedup Strike) is fine. In fact, it would feel odd if those moves didn’t stack.


Okay, that is fair. Admittedly I was very annoyed when I posted.

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