Speed bug tournament

I was using my Zor and used sidestep, I crease speed by 10% and opponent had Indo g2 and used cautious strike, and he became faster… How is that possible with Zoe being 2 ticks faster than Indo g2?!

Hey Christopher, the Indoraptor Gen 2 might have been speed boosted. Since Cautious Strike increases speed as well, it would make the Indoraptor faster after Cautious Strike.

Aye, I did not realize it was Tournament, that is strange indeed then. :thinking:

Did your opponent manage to go first the next turn, or was it just a visual bug with the speed arrow?

Opponent went 1st, I was primed to win with Null rampage, and acted accordingly to having the win in the bag, pressed the button and waited, but watched him rampage me instead. :frowning:

Could I ask you to create a bug report using the template provided on the thread? I would be happy to forward it to our team. Thanks!