Speed bug


When I’m battling and I go to it pick and it shows the speed arrows. My opponent picks a normal move he gets to go first and keeps getting to go first for the rest of the match. Yes i understand all the reasons that they could be going faster and i have watched out for those.


It’s pretty annoying. Sometimes it’s still counting them as being slowed down, even if they just did a cleanse attack and finished your dino. It happens all the time with superiority strike. Sometimes it even says a dino on my team is faster than theirs and my velociraptor is not. It makes no sense.


At least I know I’m not the only one who has noticed this. It’s really annoying. You can’t depend on the game to know what dino is the fastest.


This sounds familiar like speed bug i face in strike tower, you are faster, yet somehow the opponent deals damage first. Weird…


I get the same problem. when my dino has died and i get to pick a new one, it shows my dino as being faster. as soon as i switch it in, the opponent dino is faster. This happened several times and the opponent did not have a speed buff active.


I’ve seen it a few times. Annoying.
No speed buffs, I have the faster dino, stun opponent and he gets next first turn.


That’s exactly what I was trying to say. I didn’t explain myself very well.