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Speed decrease/boost not applied correctly in PvP

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Bug Description: Speed calculated incorrectly when both a speed decreasing ability and a speed increasing ability are used in the same tur

Area is was found in: PvP

How do you reproduce the bug:
Step 1 - Player 1 (Erlidominus) has priority and uses an ability that does not change either players speed (Rampage)

Step 2 - Player 2 (Sarcorixis) uses speed decreasing ability covering 1 turn (Resilient Strike - opponents speed reduced by 25% (50% reduction x 50% resistance)). Player 2 has priority for the next turn.

Step 3 - Player 2 (Sarcorixis) uses speed decreasing ability covering one turn again (Resilient Strike - opponents speed reduced by 25% (50% reduction x 50% resistance)).

Step 4 - Player 1 (Erlidominus) uses speed increasing ability that has a smaller impact than the decrease previously applied (Minimal Speedup Strike - 10% increase)

Step 5 - Review speed value at the start of the next turn. Speed rating for Player 1 shows red, indicating an overall decrease, however the value displayed is greater than the base value. Also appears that two different speed increases are applied, as opposed to one increase and one decrease (see image below). Player 1 has priority instead of Player 2.

How often does it happen: Unknown

What type of device are you using: Samsung S10

Anything else? (add screenshots or additional information here)

This is part of the problem right here. Ludia’s new stat value indicators are bugged and quite often will continue to show the decreased or increased value until a turn later after the value should have returned to normal.

This happens a lot with attack values, if you have had your attack reduced by 50% for 2 turns, on the turn that it returns to 100% the vlaue will still be shown as reduced and red, whereas holding down the attack will show you the preview and will show how much actual damage you will do.

So going by the values is not 100% accurate.

Also, it is more useful if you provide which dinos were involved in the scenarios and what their speeds are. Because for example Erlidominus is 50% resistant to speed decrease, so when hit by resilient strike will only be reduced by 25% speed, and then using it’s own speed increase will increase by 10%, therefore making it’s speed decrease considerably smaller, but without knowing the opponents speed it is difficult to judge whether it is bugged or not.

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Thanks for pointing that out - I’ve updated the post with creature names and the abilities that were used for completeness.

Definitely agree that there’s a bigger issue with the values not updating correctly at the end/start of a turn, which is incredible annoying.