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Speed decrease resistance basically useless on Mono!

The 25% less speed decrease immunity on Monolometrodon actually doesn’t make any sense at all if it’s buffed to 140+ speed and gets hit with a 50% slow.

140 speed - (50% * 0.25) →
140 speed - 12.5% = 122.5 speed

150 speed - 12.5% = 131.25 speed

Now show me a slower that can outspeed this except double slowing! :dizzy_face:

Should rather be changed to 50% immunity only like Erliko

It allows for a bit easier time revenge killing. Slowing it down just enough for your cunning thst may not be as fast to hit it hard without taking damage.

Mono is meant to beat things that decelerate, like tanks. I actually am one to disagree with any kind of speed deceleration resistance nerf, but since it’s 75% it’s not going to be enough for most resilient creatures to beat Mono. However, it will now lose more to Cunning, and if you have a slower cunning, you could decelerate with another creature before being taken down, and bring the cunning in to kill the Mono.


50% is useless without boosts though. I think losing 25% is fine on it, especially considering the other nerfs it got. Double slows are always an option, as is using faster resilients like Testacornibus

A surprising amount of people have high speed Resilient creatures, so it would help there.

Why exclude double slowing? That would allow Maxima, Gemini, Mammotherium, Skoona, Hadros etc to slow it down. That’s important.

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Hadros Lux and soon-to-be-Skoona: Am I a joke to you?

I honestly hate the nerf… Its one of the few dino legends you can make with commons thats a good do no and now you are taking away its heavy strike and allowing it to be slowed down… For those playing a while, you have other dino’s you can use… But this is my highest level dino… Doesnt make me feel good

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I understand you too it does that I said that I was going to keep it forever but there …

Mono still will be destroyed by a lot of resilients due to the poor damage output.

Classy example of overnerf. Some minor adjustments to either resistances or stats would have been enough. But no, they did this AND replaced the rampe with an impact.

But yeah, Ludia always has been bad in balancing…
And the really broken creatures remain untouched. Worthless update.

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mono should get 0 damage resist and have 100 speed resist


Agree with cheeseeater, you’re expecting way too much. You’re not going to make it completely vulnerable to class it’s designed to square off against.