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Speed Duo Attempt

Here is my video of me attempting todays Speed Duo epic strike event ^_^! Hope you all enjoy!


Nice match buddy I tried to do the same but ended up recording a glitch done it after rebooting it didn’t class my first attempt as a loss once rebooted

Glad to hear you were able to get it done!

Did you get any Epic DNA that wasn’t garbage? I got lucky with both Sino AND Anky ^_^!

Very nice no Sino unfortunately but managed to get some afterwards from the weekly enough to finish off my Utasinoraptor been struggling to find any everything else but Sino have been spawning on the green checkpoints I finished work late tonight so don’t know if they are just available at night

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Nice video mate ^_^!

Man I would love some of all that Bary DNA you have lol, im level 18 and only JUST unlocked Tryo the other day for the first time since ive seen like very few Baryonix in the wild!

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I got worried when I saw Alan key but you didn’t use long invincibility so no bug.

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thankyou man. i was hoping on some anky dna or sino. but ill take more bary any day.

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That is true, but I did get disconnected when opening the incubator so maybe it bugged anyway haha!

Least it wasn’t during the match though :crazy_face:

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I’ve got a plan that seems foolproof but involves long invincibility, but although I think it’s going to be less of a risk to actually just hope to hit through evade, instead of taking the chance the game glitching out.

I apologise btw for not having a detailed info screenshot in the video of the exact stats and damage of both dinosaurs! I forgot about there being an Epic Strike event today so had to rush the video out before the day was over, so hopefully at least some players can see how the match might play out for them and plan accordingly!

Edit: It seems the fight generally leads with Ornith so, maybe starting with a nuller might be handy!

You could always use a nulling Dino like Monostego and not have to worry about the dodging! Mono has enough health and armour to be considered a tank so, might be worth using!
Mine is only level 17 so I didnt wanna risk it…

I was unable to complete this because it froze after I chose an attack and after resetting the app 5 times the AI opponent was unable to decide what move to use. Attempt failed. Tried to buy another attempt for 200, nothing happened at multiple locations. I clicked on pay 200 for new attempt and nothing happened I didnt lose money or get the attempt that I was trying to buy. I feel robbed by ludia

I went down the Monomimus road which of course got nerfed like every other Dino I own. :confused:

Aww man that sucks -_-! Ludia really needs to fix all these bugs! When I worked doing programming (C and C++ for the record) if I had created such buggy code I would have been fired in a week!

But at Ludia apparently their programmers can get away with bodgy work and take MONTHS to fix game breaking bugs!

It wouldn’t surprise me if they leave bugs in that require players to pay with cash for a re-attempt just to make more money!

I couldn’t help my self, I used long invincibility (surely would have won anyway I had a L24 Stegodeus and needed one more hit on the Ornith guy, but I still had to press it). AI lost it’s brain and stared at me for 240 seconds (what have I done! You idio t. Why did I do that :man_facepalming:
Shut so open again keep waiting 3, 2, 1… evasive move I hit back and win the battle.
This bug is so stupid.
Oh and crud DNA other than 118 Trex I guess.


Don’t worry the thing with nerfs and buffs is that it happens to everyone, so we all need to suffer it sadly! But yes I can see how if you invested a lot of coin and DNA into certain Dinos I can see how you would feel robbed.

This is the exact reason that I level up my team together! Like I could have had a level 28 Stegodeus by now (if not higher) but I used the coins to get my sub-20 dinosaurs higher!

Remember that if you super level a single Dino, you won’t always have that in your team selection in the arena so if you have neglected your other dinosaurs it will hurt!
Level up everything together ^_^!

Yeah happened to me not as many times but persevere with it keep closing and rebooting eventually it will clear the loss and you can retry good luck :+1:t2:

Easier said than done when you are completely F2P though :confused:
I’ve got the DNA there and would love to try out new tactics and strategies but the coins will take MONTHS to obtain so I won’t be competitive anymore.

Yeah I can understand that! Im VIP myself so I get the extra coin cap and longer flight time. Been VIP since day 1!

Ludia keeps the daily coin caps low to try and make players pay for coins! But even if you do pay for coins, your dinosaurs will be a little higher…but so what? So you get your average trophy range a few hundred higher…then you hit a point where your team isn’t high enough anyways and are in the same boat as before, just a little higher up lol.

Also it kills some of the longevity of the game!

The way I see it, there is no need to rush unless you are aiming for the top of the leaderboard, which most cant get to anyways since the top places are spending crazy amounts on a game, which im sure they will regret in the future when JWA shuts down and they have nothing!

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