Speed Error?

Erildom Speed 140
Dracoceratops Speed 127

Dracoceratops uses Minimal speed strike, which increases the speed by 10%.

10% of 127 is 12.7.
12.7 + 127 = 139.7.

So why was Dracoceratops suddenly faster than my Erlidom? Did I miss something?

Perhaps pre 1.9 they’ve given the rat another boost?
Wouldn’t surprise me :rofl:

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What was level of draco compared to erli? Both of you had same speed when you round. If they were higher level then they are faster. If same level erli should be faster due to unique

But nowhere does is say that it rounds up or down… Which means that Erlidom was faster. Feels incredibly lazy to not even be bothered to program the speed mechanism in correctly.

Well it does. There are dinos where one is 1 point lower on speed than another and after both use same speed reduction the slower one is now faster due to level.

139.5 is the same speed as 140.4. They are both 140

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